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Spend the Night - Reader's Choice 

Reader's choice for nightlife in Metro Detroit

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Best Bar for Under 30s

The Loving Touch

22634 Woodward Ave., Ferndale; 248-546-3644

It has been a huge year for the Loving Touch, that room next to the WAB that used to be a seedy massage place, happy endings guaranteed. The place has grown into one of the most happening rooms on the music scene thanks to some tremendous shows, many of them free, very cool bar staff and an overall unique and friendly vibe. The bands are right there in your face, and that adds to the ambience. When it’s all done, your ending is still happy, just in a different way.


Best Bar to Hook Up With Someone

Boogie Fever

22901 Woodward Ave., Ferndale


Boogie Fever is Ferndale’s Mecca of salacious cougars, meandering sugar daddies and armies of bachelorettes equipped with dildos, inflatable penises and pink tiaras. The neon lit dance floor and the bellowing tunes of yesteryear, help troves of drunken lady trains and crooning men to start snagging the night’s fun. What better mix can you ask for when you’re looking for that hook-up?


Best Dive Bar in Wayne County

Old Miami

3930 Cass Ave., Detroit; 313-831-3830

The collage of worn military unit patches behind the bar will be the first thing to catch your eye when you take a seat in Old Miami. The great prices and conversations will catch you next, tickling the right senses and making you feel like the “dive” isn’t preparing you for a crash landing. If you go past the stage, which typically holds Detroit’s up and coming indie artists, and go outside, you’ll see the spacious back yard, stylized for the type of lounging that’s usually saved for summer bon fires and late night rendezvous.


Best Bartender

Patrick Tierney at Gusoline Alley

Best Dive Bar in Oakland County

Best Jukebox

Best Bottled Beer Selection in a Bar

Gusoline Alley

309 S. Center St., Royal Oak


The casual nightwalker, tiptoeing on the edge of Royal Oak’s downtown, might stumble their way into Gusoline Alley and become enthralled by its walls of motor city memorabilia and great music from an unrivaled, legendary jukebox that has everything from cherry jazz hits from Thelonious Monk and Dave Brubeck to rebel country from Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. It’s those things, along with decent drinks that range from local brews to ones of the Bavarian kind, that have brought Gusoline back on this list. Add in the exceptional bathroom graffiti and Bartender Patrick Tierney’s sideburns and you have dive bar that not many in Oakland can compete with.


Best Dive Bar in Macomb County

Club FT

26061 Gratiot Ave., Roseville; 586-772-6750

You know those places where the bartender is condescending, the music is too loud and you get gouged $5 for a Pabst? That’s totally not Club FT. For affordable drinks and quick service, this place is a friendly little oasis.


Best Dive Bar in Washtenaw County

The 8 Ball Saloon

208 S. First St., Ann Arbor


Pleasantly divey little joint just downstairs from the Blind Pig, sort of resembles a Washtenaw County version of the Painted Lady. Just goes to show you that Washtenaw County ain’t all yuppies.


Best Honky-Tonk Bar

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill

4698 Baldwin Rd., Auburn Hills


At this high-energy country club, you can find live music, “whiskey girls,” even drink out of a real Mason jar, but the menu is surprisingly long and varied for a honky-tonk.


Best Irish Pub

Dick O Dow’s

160 W. Maple Rd., Birmingham


For the past 17 years, Dick O’Dow’s has been Birmingham’s most popular unpretentious watering hole. Created by the late Dick O’Connor, Peter Dow and Mitch Black in the central shopping district on Maple, the dimly lit pub, graced with simple wooden tables and chairs, faded wall murals from the Book of Kells, agricultural paraphernalia and a wide variety of Irish kitsch, is a surprisingly accurate re-creation of a rural local where you can get a pint of plain.


Best Bar for Karaoke in Wayne County

Comet Bar

128 Henry St., Detroit; 313-963-6763

Only in the fevered imagination of the giddiest developer could this stretch of Henry Street be called “Midtown.” Across the street from the “murder mart,” behind a door that sits askew the street, is one of the coolest little dive bars in town, with generous pours of whiskey, and one or two nights a week of “Terry-oke,” usually Fridays and Saturdays, call for details.


Best Bar for Karaoke in Oakland County


On the Rocks

28167 John R Rd., Madison Heights



The Stop Spot

1309 E. Nine Mile Rd., Ferndale; 248-548-7771



2140 Hilton Rd., Ferndale; 248-545-5861

It really doesn’t matter where you are. When the lights are low and the music moves you, as you stare into the teleprompter, you might be miles away, deep in the past or staring right into your beloved’s eye for a serenade. One thing’s for certain: Oakland County loves karaoke.


Best Bar for Karaoke in Macomb County

Kit Kat Klub

55140 Romeo Plank Rd., Macomb; 586-781-3171

Just a little joint off on the side of a subdivision out by the corner of 25 Mile Road, apparently this is where they whoop it up, karaoke-style, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Look them up online. They have kind of an interesting Google image problem.


Best Bar for Karaoke in Washtenaw County

Best Musical Open-Mic or Jam Session


36 E. Cross St., Ypsilanti

This Ypsi venue has several smaller spaces inside, which makes it kind of ideal for those just beginning to perform. Situated in the heart of Depot Town, just off the train tracks, Woodruff’s has made admirable efforts to foster a regular rotation of engaging weekly programming, including its open-mic and karaoke nights.


Best Happy Hour for Drinks in Wayne County


1128 Washington Blvd., Detroit


The drinks are wonderful, the beer menu is loaded with more flavors than most wine menus, and the interior is stylish and usually crowded with a who’s who of downtown Detroit. But maybe it’s the affordable menu of bar bites that puts happy hour at Roast over the top.


Best Happy Hour for Drinks in Oakland County

Big Rock Chophouse

245 S. Eton St., Birmingham


Big Rock Chophouse oozes northern lodge appeal, with a variety of rooms in which to dine, including an outdoor patio. The lively atmosphere is complemented by skillfully crafted menus. In addition to the restaurant is a large brew house with custom-designed, state-of-the-art equipment.


Best Happy Hour for Drinks in Macomb County


32976 Gratiot Ave., Roseville


Really, Macomb County? Choosing Hooters for Best Happy Hour is like choosing Red Lobster for Best Seafood. Oh, that’s right. You did that last year.


Best Happy Hour for Drinks in Washtenaw County

Grizzly Peak

120 W. Washington St., Ann Arbor


Grizzly Peak has the feel of a restrained hunting lodge that enjoys its own history more than its kills (you’ll find a mounted buck or two, but the exposed brick interior tends to remain neutrally bare). But the award-winning beer is the real centerpiece, featuring several on-tap Weissbiers and ales during the summer months. Some specialty brews go fast — call for detailed offerings.


Best Fetish Party or Fetish Night

Noir Leather’s Hellbound

When it comes to a pedigree in kink, nobody’s runs deeper than Noir Leather’s Keith Howarth. So it only makes sense that his store’s fetish night would be the best bet for the leather set.


Best Club Night in Wayne County

Bass Down Low at the Works on Thursdays

1846 Michigan Ave., Detroit; 313-961-1742

Brought to you courtesy of those bangin’ people at, namely DJs Matt Clarke and Jon “Calico” Davis, Bass Down Low serves as both an eclectic night of great music for existing connoisseurs of dubstep and techno, and a fine introduction to what is currently a thriving Detroit scene for curious newbies. Clarke and Davis absolutely know their stuff, and their own sets delve deep into the darkest corners of what dubstep has to offer, while offering up an impressive array of guest DJ’s too.


Best Club Night in Oakland County

Best Electronic Club


15 S. Saginaw St., Pontiac


Elektricity has been an exciting addition to Metro Detroit, while making a substantial mark on the rising popularity of everything EDM. The 18 and up club has been the landing zone for the top international and domestic Electronic music DJs for the last two years. And it also opened its doors for the Redbull Thre3style competition last year, where hip-hop DJs battled and competed to move up the ranks. The club has a future as the hub for weekend fun and DJ’s everywhere.


Best Club Night in Washtenaw County

Factory at Necto on Mondays

516 E. Liberty St., Ann Arbor


Mondays at gothic night at Necto, with alternative dance from DJ Jinx, as well as synthpop and industrial, running sometimes back to the 1990s and 1980s, with Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, etc.


Best Lesbian Bar


1641 Middlebelt Rd., Inkster


If there is any place you plan on going to spread your rainbow wings and get down on the dance floor, Stiletto’s must be it. It has won Best Lesbian Bar for a couple years now, and it’s because the two room bar allows you to mingle and flirt, while also enjoying some of Detroit’s best and fun drag shows. If that’s not worth a gander and a little time, I don’t know what is. And for the straight men or women that may creep in, don’t worry, they have fire escapes.


Best Strip Club

Penthouse Club

20771 W. Eight Mile Rd., Detroit; 313-541-7000

Praised for its service and great food, The Penthouse Club also has gorgeous women. Don’t get us wrong, we love when a waitress can remember our names or bring us back the right amount of singles, or a chef can cook up a mean steak, but the main reason why The Penthouse Club continuously wins in this category is because of their amazing lineup of sexy, smoldering, pole-climbing women. The upscale club reigns over the legion of others on Eight Mile, with the Penthouse stamp and the crew to back it up.




Best Burlesque Troupe

Detroit Dizzy Dames

The things the lovely ladies of Detroit Dizzy Dames can do with a stage, 1930s big band music and glittery nipple tassels is incredible. When the lights dim and the attention is brought to the stage, the slew of sensual, vivacious women, led by the astonishing Lushes LaMoan present carnal fun in ways you don’t need to understand. They bring honor to the burlesque and vaudeville art form, giving Detroit audiences something great to revere.


Best Draft Selection in a Bar


338 S. State St., Ann Arbor; 734-996-9191

See ashleys.comfor Westland location.

Self-identified as “Michigan’s premier multitap,” it’s really no joke. The Ann Arbor location routinely has more than 40 beers on tap, an award-winning beer selection from the four corners of the earth and right here at home. Beers recently on tap included Huma Lupa Licious, Nitro Milk Stout, Soft Parade and Dragonmead Final Absolution. They also have Labatt Blue on tap, so you can bring your less adventurous pals along for the ride. Think you’ve run out of new beers to explore? Better stop in soon.


Best Bar for a Martini

Goodnite Gracie’s

222 Sherman Dr., Royal Oak


Life is good at Gracie’s. The martinis are imaginative and well-executed, rightly priced at happy hour and still worth every penny they charge at any time of day or night. The staff is just as attentive as the crowd is attractive, and when everyone’s snugged tight inside this intimate Royal Oak drink spot, you can really take a moment to reflect on how good life, and a really well-made martini, really is.


Best Bar for a Bloody Mary

Vivio’s Food & Spirits

2460 Market St., Detroit; 313-393-1711

3601 E. 12 Mile Rd., Warren; 586-576-0495

You know you’re doing something right when 26 local retailers are carrying your Bloody Mary mix in their stores. Vivio’s doesn’t play around when it comes to their lauded cocktail, mixed with premium vodka and stirred with a dill pickle spear. It’s something great to be known for, along with tasty burgers and variety of pizzas. And the flavorsome drink doesn’t just have to be an early afternoon hangover cure, head to Vivio’s at night and enjoy it with some of their other specials.


Best Bar for a Classic Cocktail

The Sugar House

2130 Michigan Ave., Detroit


The Sugar House is a pre-Prohibition-style joint tucked somewhat inconspicuously next to that one barbecue joint in Corktown. While there, you might hear a New Orleans jazz duo while you enjoy a couple well-crafted sazeracs or some other adventurous drink that gets lit on fire before being poured. Riding the success of the classic cocktail trend, Detroit’s Sugar House is atmospheric and attractive.


Best Dance Club in Detroit

City Club

400 Bagley St., Detroit; 313-962-2300

What’s left to be said about City Club? We all know that it’s a people-watcher’s paradise, that you might walk in wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt and be led out on a leash wearing latex and lycra, that the lights will be dazzling and the electro-industrial beats pumping. City Club continues to do what City Club has done so well for years now, and for that reason we love it. Thank you City Club, for making the weirdest and more wonderful elements of fetish culture the norm on a Detroit weekend.


Best Dance Club in Suburbs


1815 N. Main St., Royal Oak; 248-589-3344

No matter how much Royal Oak tries to yuppify itself, hotspots of glorious decadence and filthy debauchery remain, like Noir Leather, Gusoline Alley, and, of course, Luna. Like a little suburban City Club, Luna manages to skirt the underbelly of electronic and rock music, crossing boundaries and defying genres, resulting in a cool club to both chill and dance in. The vibe is dark but non-threatening, and the bar staff are super-friendly. You could literally hear anything in here – the DJs will make it all flow.


Best Dance Club in Ann Arbor


516 E. Liberty St., Ann Arbor


Enveloped in the sounds of house and drum ‘n’ bass, preppy college students, seedy goths and techno nuts alike come together to melt on the dance floor at Necto. Surprisingly, the event that I speak of, named “Factory,” falls on a Monday night. Necto’s ability to draw people from all over Metro Detroit and bring them to Ann Arbor on a weekday, just shows that their choice of DJ Jinx and Joey P & Sandoe was a good one.


Best Casino Hotel

Greektown Casino Hotel

Best Casino Slots

Best Casino Craps

Best Casino Poker

Greektown Casino

555 E. Lafayette St., Detroit


Whether it’s gaming or staying the night, our readers agreed that Greektown is a winner.


Best Casino to See a Show

MotorCity Casino

2901 Grand River Ave., Detroit


The Sound Board venue within MotorCity differs slightly to many other big rooms and theaters that casinos often offer because it actually feels like a music venue as opposed to a multi-functional big room in a casino. That’s some achievement. The neon is dazzling and the whole place is pristine but, still, this is a damn fine place to see the likes of Jewel and Morris Day & the Time. There’s actually a radio station broadcasting from within here too, which is pretty cool.


Best Hip-Hop Venue

St. Andrew’s Hall

431 E. Congress St., Detroit


Known all over the country as the spot to hold hip-hop shows in Detroit, St. Andrew’s Hall has never slacked on their love or reverence for the art of hip hop. Local greats like Royce Da 5’9”, Black Milk and Danny Brown have graced the stages and used the venue as a jump-off spot toward bigger things. But even as the artists’ popularity begins to grow, St. Andrew’s Hall and the raw, unmitigated walls of The Shelter below, still hosts their welcome back events. St. Andrew’s Hall is a life vein of Detroit, giving its patrons great shows for little cash.


Best Hip-Hop Night

BlueCollar Gentlemen at the Old Miami

On the first Friday night of every month, Old Miami brings BlueCollar Gentleman, an all access pass to a vast amount of performances, freestyles, cyphers, battles and just random shit talking by Detroit’s underground hip-hop elite. The night can showcase the grimy or the polished, the unproven or the spoken for, depending on the month. But one thing is for sure; BlueCollar Gentleman is one of Detroit’s best proving grounds for those who want respect in the gritty music scene.


Best Rock Club

PJ’s Lager House

1254 Michigan Ave., Detroit


It’s always looked like a dark cavern to me, but maybe that’s what a bar needs to look like for it to hold some of the best and craziest rock shows in Detroit. PJ’s has won this covenant stamp of approval for many years and it has been well deserved. The bar has a steady rotation of local bands, up-and-comers and breakout stars. Not to mention, they’ve also added a record store in their basement, just incase the intensity of sounds and great service upstairs wasn’t enough.


Best Metal Club

Harpos Concert Theatre

14238 Harper Ave., Detroit


People often sneer at the mention of Harpos but the fact remains that few places provide quality metal more consistently and regularly, be it hair metal like Stryper and Ratt, nu-metal like Mushroomhead and Coal Chamber or extreme metal like Napalm Death and Cannibal Corpse. The genre of music might be as cool as your grandma’s church dress but the people who love it are rabid and Harpos serves a valuable purpose. So sneer all you like, but those headbangers deserve a place to mosh.


Best Comedy Club

Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle

310 S. Troy St., Royal Oak


For more than 30 years, Mark Ridley’s has been a destination for some of the hottest comedians to drop in on metro Detroit. Lewis Black, Bob Saget and Dave Attell are but a few of the first-rate national comics who have yukked it up on this stage.


Best Comedy Open-Mic


Joey’s Comedy Club

36071 Plymouth Rd., Livonia



Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle

310 S. Troy St., Royal Oak


Though Mark Ridley’s has handily won this award in the past, evidently some of the walk-on talent at Joey’s was funny enough to garner the Livonia club a hard-won tie.


Best Local Comedian

Tommy Simon

Detroit-based funnyman Tommy Simon’s résumé shows a guy who’s working hard to share the laughter. A hardworking member of the resident company at Go Comedy! Improv Theatre in Ferndale, he has written for Huffington Post Detroit, and appeared in numerous comedy productions. He also has a more serious side, as writer-in-residence with the InsideOut Literary Arts Project.


Best Folk Venue

The Ark

316 S. Main St., Ann Arbor


It’s crazy that The Ark started as just a coffee shop that gave students in Ann Arbor an opportunity to come together and chill out. But the quaint spot has now become a place that not only draws students from all over the state, but also great musical artists who come to make a mark on the venerated establishment. Handled by a board or directors and a boatload of volunteers, The Ark plans on keeping its doors open for another 47 years, accepting those who want to join its ranks. I mean, c’mon, Lisa Loeb performed there. That alone should allow The Ark to win the category of Best Folk Venue, every year.


Best Jazz Club

Cliff Bell’s

2030 Park Ave., Detroit


Ol’ John Clifford Bell would be happy to see his creation strive today, pumping a healthy dose of traditional and new age jazz back into the city of Detroit. The beautiful sounds that come out of Cliff Bell’s can only be matched by the decor that engulfs it. The crimson tone and lacquered wood bar are just a view things that will dazzle you. Every seat is front row when performers jam, placing every listener in the immense cloud of great music.


Best Blues Club

Nancy Whiskey

2644 Harrison St., Detroit; 313-962-4247

What makes a great blues bar? Is it super-exquisite decor, a startling range of exotic beers and wines, and suited-up bar staff? Hell no. This is the blues, the music of the downtrodden and ignored, and there ain’t nothing exotic about it. We want to hear the music played by people who care, in a dive bar that looks as if it has seen decades of blood, sweat and tears. Nancy Whiskey offers all that and more. Consistently great music, reasonably priced drinks and food, and all located in a great Corktown neighborhood.


Best Sports Bar

Buffalo Wild Wings

For locations, see

Sure, it’s a winning combination: With beer, chicken and enough large-screen televisions to please even the pickiest sports nut, Buffalo Wild Wings just keeps on expanding. With a new location off Cadillac Square in Detroit, even downtowners can now settle in, watch the game and munch on that Screamin’ Nacho Burger.

Best New Bar Trend

Craft cocktails

Being a chemist behind the bar makes you a reputable asset. Gone are the days of the simple gin and tonic or the vodka Redbull. Bartenders are rolling up their sleeves tight to bring big drinkers and casual attendees glasses filled with rare liquors and organic and international ingredients that bring flavor and veracity to the simple concoctions we’ve grown to love. Places like The Oakland in Ferndale and the Sugar House in Corktown have built their mark on being able to give people something different to sip on, while also luring them to try bigger, riskier sprits. If you ever do venture down to Detroit’s oldest neighborhood, make sure to try the Japanese Cocktail, created with Chalfonte VSOP, orgeat & ango.


Best Michigan-Made Beer

Bell’s Brewery

It seems like just yesterday beer was all the same, sort of like having sex in a canoe. Then came the flavor. And the brewery founded by Larry Bell in 1983 deserves a share of the thanks for that revolution, as the Kalamazoo-based brewery gave us Two-Hearted Ale and sensational seasonals such as Oberon.


Best Michigan-Made Liquor

Best Vodka

Valentine Vodka

For their ads, the people at Valentine Vodka have chosen to put a simple picture of a glass of vodka filled with mechanical nuts, accompanied by the phrase, “Surprisingly smooth vodka from a city known for grit.” The winners of best local liquor, once again, couldn’t be more right. Handcrafted with locally grown ingredients, Valentine Vodka’s smooth, yet sweet taste is a great compliment to the unrelenting tenacity of Michigan’s finest city.


Best Michigan-Made Microbrew

Best Beer


Breakfast Stout

Founders is a Michigan brewery with a strong local following, in large part due to its peerless Breakfast Stout. It’s packed with the flavors of a well-balanced breakfast, with an alcoholic kick that will have you canceling your appointments for the day. It’s brewed with flaked oats, bitter and sweetened imported chocolates, and Sumatra and Kona coffee. At the website, it earned a rating of 100 on a 100-point scale.


Best Scotch

Johnny Walker

The award-winning blended scotch has been around for 104 years, traveling throughout the world, showing up in almost every country. Each blend is matured slightly different, due to the intricacies of the wood, climate and location. So every time you hit your favorite bar in Metro Detroit and order yourself a glass, you’re getting new experience.


Best Bourbon

Maker’s Mark

With its unique square bottle and bright red wax, Maker Mark stands out definitely. Its full, mellow taste, carefully constructed with red winter wheat, rather than rye, can be mixed into a Manhattan or enjoyed on the rocks. And if consuming this drink from a glass is not enough for you, you can always head to their website and grab one of their Bourbon recipes. We suggest the Morning After Sugar Crusted Marshmallow Pancake Stack with Bourbon Blueberry Compote and Naught Syrup. No better way to start the day.


Best Gin


Originally produced by William Grant & Sons in Girvan, Scotland, Hendrick’s is “an unusual and selected gin with limited production that finds in cucumber and rose the perfect combination.”


Best Tequila


Patrón is one of Mexico’s greatest exports and continues to be Detroit’s (and, according to their site, the world’s) favorite tequila drink. With four different flavors, the ultra-premium tequila offers Detroiters multiple ways to start a party or end a night with definite disrobement.


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