Speedy Ortiz (7.11.13 @ Magic Stick)

I thought indie-rock was dead.

Turns out, just the idea of it... as this thing from the late-ish 90's, as something marketable to the college-aged nai-eve-emo kid with disposable income from mom & dad, trolling the townie's old vinyl shop...was rightfully exterminated out of ubiquitous ennui, formulas were being re-shredded and we moved onto all that modern, confused, overly esoteric synth-stuff of the 2000's...

What we had to get over was our nostalgia. What we had to come to terms with was we missed the arftul aggression, the literate lash-out of subdued vocalists mixing vitriol into the syrup of a pop-ish hook, the cruder roars of a guitar when it sounds like its being ground down to some dangerous, rusty blade, shuffling rhythms failing to control the espresso-into-coke-a-cola-surged sugar rush that sends it slamming into 4th gear... And tones, bend them to your will, noise-rockers! We'll wobble along to our own grooves and if the words welcome a bit of darkness, than you should just listen closer, for these cathartic, buzzy ballads are beautified by a true poet, with a Masters degree to prove it. The stuff that's not pretty, but yet, alluring... That was, wait, it is ...indie-rock.

So I'm writing all this after listening to Speedy Ortiz' new album Major Arcana.

Sadie Dupuis started this New England-area outfit from her solo self-recorded lo-fi project -first out of Brooklyn, (named for the character from the Love and Rockets comic series). Darl Ferm(bass), Matt Robidoux (gutiar) and Mike Falcone (drums) fleshed it out into a full-on rock creature, proudly baring the signature spindly scars of ...oh, let's not drop names.

Let's, instead, drop names like

Bars of Gold


Destroy This Place



^^^...our three local rock bands who will open things up for Speedy Ortiz - July 11th at the Magic Stick.


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