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Dim sum is the Chinese equivalent of Sunday brunch; carts rolling from table to table, diners pointing to what they want, little dishes piling up on the table, which are later counted to calculate the bill. We had three steamed buns, round, white and fluffy as biscuits, filled with a savory mix of chicken and mushrooms. The next plate had three round balls on it too, but the wrapper was a translucent noodle; inside was dark green spinach, stir-fried with scallions and shrimp. Congee, a soup made by cooking rice until it becomes a porridge, was soothing and delicious. We were not offered the plates piled with chicken feet; their goose-bump flesh looked pale and cold, though it is a great delicacy in China. And don’t forget Shangri-La when you are looking for a great Chinese dinner. The menu is lengthy, and runs from jellyfish to almond boneless chicken.

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