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Feast (Limited Edition)

Feast is the new album from veteran Canadian thrash metallers Annihilator, and the limited edition comes complete with a live DVD recorded at Wacken, and a bonus CD (Re-Kill) of re-recorded old songs. It’s quite a package, not least because the new album by itself is an excellent, fresh-sounding metal record. Annihilator has always stuck out of the crowd because main man Jeff Waters has never been afraid to go off on tangents and do things a little differently. Listen to a song like “Fun Palace” on Re-Kill for evidence of funk and jazz — there’s always been an oddball quality to Annilator’s heaviness, and so it remains.  

The Oak Ridge Boys
Boys Night Out

Man, just take a look at that CD cover. We haven’t seen that many rednecks hootin’ and hollerin’ since the Texas Rangers beat the Tigers. What we have here is a live album of all the Oak Ridge Boys’ hits, recorded all across the country during the 2013 tour. It’s all so hokey, with songs like “American Made” extolling the virtues of ’murican gurls (“from her silky long hair to her sexy long legs”). The ballads, like “(I’m Settin’) Fancy Free,” sound like they belong on an ’80s trucker movie during a dirt-bar slow-dance scene. To be honest, though, the only reason to get this is for a live version of “Elvira,” complete with audience participation.  

Enrique Iglesias
Sex and Love

We really, genuinely tried to like this. Swear to god, we gave it our best shot. No preconceptions, minds open, and … go: Fuck the predictability of it all, because this record really is a slab of shit. The opening “I’m a Freak” is in fact not freaky at all. In fact, it would sound at home serving as the theme tune to game show like Minute to Win It. The pumping dance beats are played out and tired, and the lyrics are desperate (apparently Iglesias is a freak because he likes to do it on the bathroom sink — amateur). “There Goes My Baby” is the “Macarena” with a couple more words. Avoid this crap, if at all possible. 


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