Pot Quiz! 

Test your knowledge of pop culture, botany and the wacky weedus.

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Test your knowledge of pop culture, botany and the wacky weedus.
Question No. 1:
Which of these names is not an actual strain of weed?
A) Velvet Elvis
B) Cat Piss
C) Toe Jam
D) Redhaired Sonja

Question No. 2:
The psychoactive substance in weed that makes you get high is known by what acronym?

Question No. 3:
What actor and longtime pro-hemp activist was arrested for planting industrial hemp seeds in 1996?
A) Redd Foxx
B) Woody Harrelson
C) Jane Fonda
D) Snoop Dogg

Question No. 4:
Which character on the cartoon South Park always talks about smoking weed and getting high?
A) Towelie
B) Cartman
C) Elroy
D) Apu

Question No. 5:
According to the latest Pew Research Poll, the percentage of adults in the U.S. who say they’ve tried marijuana at least once is:
A) 48 percent
B) 62 percent
C) 53 percent
D) 87 percent

Question No. 6:
When a doobie burns unevenly, it is commonly referred to as what?
A) Halfie
B) Half Burn
C) Splitter
D) Canoeing

Question No. 7:
What item is used to inhale the active properties of marijuana without ingesting the carcinogens?
A) Bong
B) Vaporizer
C) Chillum
D) Hookah

Question No. 8:
You can make reference to a pot smoker as all but which term?
A) Stoner
B) Burnout
C) Tweaker
D) Pothead

Question No. 9:
How many U.S. states have some form of medical marijuana law in effect?
A) 50
B) 22
C) 18
D) 9

Question No. 10:
If you enjoy smoking weed, or are a weed-tolerant person, then you likely appreciate all of these bands except:
A) The Grateful Dead
B) Phish
C) Widespread Panic
D) One Direction

Connect the answer on the left with the question on the right:

1/8        14 grams
1/4        28 grams
1/2        7 grams    

Answers: 1, C; 2, C; 3, B; 4, A; 5, A; 6, D; 7, B; 8, C; 9, C; 10, D | Bonus: 1/8=3.5; 1/4=7; 1/2=14; 1 oz.=28.


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