Oh, the books, they'd write 

Readers answer on what thier personal Master's and Johnson would be called

Oh, the books, they'd write 


Love in the Shower

"I would advise every women to get a pulsating shower head with adjustable settings." 

—LuvPeaceSexHappy, 37, 20+ partners, straight


No Means Not Only No but Get Up, 

Get Dressed, Get Out of There, 

Get in Your Car and Go Home 

—Ron Turgid, 50, 30+ partners, straight


Sexy Stunts and Other Ways to Spice Up Your Life

"I would advise new positions and other new adventurous ways to spice up your life in all aspects." 

—Ex-oh, 23, five partners, straight


Shy, Quiet Guys Can Also Be Raging Volcanoes of Lust

"The title alone is my advice to the world." 

—Huggy Bear, 41, six partners, straight


How to Get What You Want 

in Bed

"The advice would be 'ask for what you want and if you are too embarrassed to ask, than why are you in bed with this person?'" 

—Nannette, 50, 11 partners, straight


Making Up For Lost Time: Hot Sex Basics For Shy Girls

—Nice Rack, 26, two partners, straight


Party in the Pants

—Anonymous, 27, 17 partners, straight 

Best Things to Do In Detroit


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