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PNAC attacked

Hey, Jeremy Voas, you are right on the money with this one (Screed, Metro Times, March 5-11).

The members you mention from PNAC are clearly involved through years of planning with the entire arrangement and manipulation of current events. Their ambitious goal is indeed a global one, and it is less than pretty for the majority.

Consider this — it is impossible to control 6 billion people and plans have absolutely been drafted to address this situation. The outlook, particularly once our remaining rights have been eroded, is dismal indeed.

I hope that you and your cohorts continue to fight the good fight. —Stephen R. Lewis, stevesjamsone@aol.com, Troy

Letter from England

I’ve just read Jeremy Voas’ column of Bush’s empire building. It’s a wonderfully written article — informative, witty, crisp — and the argument is based on evidence rather than sentiment. I’ve sent it to all my friends. Thanks for such good work. —Richard Harris, Canterbury, Kent, UK

What’s the real story?

Oh, please. Do you actually sit and watch the daily press briefings? I do. Helen Thomas reminds me of someone’s crazy aunt that must be humored out of respect for her age.

Instead of asking any real questions, she uses the opportunity to climb up on her soapbox and ramble away. If I had any say, they would have stopped calling on her long ago — or, better yet, removed her all together, replacing her with someone who can ask coherent, fair, and probing questions.

But the point of your “news hit” wasn’t really a Helen Thomas love-fest, was it? What you really want to do is say over and over that you can’t stand George Bush. A driving force behind many of your paper’s positions, I suspect. —Emily Felix, New York, N.Y.

Matter of trust

I would like to say that I enjoyed the point of view that Keith A. Owens expressed in his column on why African-Americans don’t trust President Bush (Free Your Mind, Metro Times, Feb. 26-March 4). His view is another piece helping us understand what is going on, and more importantly, why we speak our minds about the coming war. —Patrick Stockland, hbedflert@yahoo.com, Madison, Wis.

Inspiring read

Lisa M. Collins wrote an inspiring article on Marvin Arnett (“American Idyll,” Metro Times, March 12-18). I don’t usually compliment the press, but this article is very good and I enjoyed it very much. It makes me want to buy her book, which I will. It makes me want to write the book I’ve had floating in my head, which I will. —Philip Ochoa, philipochoa@hotmail.com, Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Worth 1,000 words


The article about Marvin Arnett was great and I’m sure the book is too, but the photograph of her on the cover of your March 12-18 issue is possibly one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen.

Kudos to Doug Coombe. The portrait communicates all of Marvin’s struggles and triumphs as described in the article and more. I actually hung it on my wall. —Kevin Dole II, kdolejr@emich.edu, Ypsilanti


In last week’s cover story, “American Idyll,” a photo caption erroneously identified the location of Marvin Arnett’s public reading. The reading took place at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn.

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