Letters to the Editor

Wrong guess

In reference to Jack "Nostro-Dumbass" Lessenberry's prognostication scorecard ("Predict the future," MT, Dec. 27, 2000-Jan 2, 2001), please recheck question No. 5. Since voluntarily leaving CPop, the gallery I founded, the MT has reported three times of my pursuit of other interests. Lessenberry believes otherwise.

Why would the "political" columnist include such an "apolitical" topic in his quiz? He resents my not allowing him to write a story on my then-partner, Tom Thewes, for an international art publication.

Just read the condescending pap he wrote about CPop for Hour magazine and you’ll see that he was more interested in slamming my friend due to his wealth and ambition than he was in writing about his art. The real story is that a young man spent millions of dollars to make a cultural investment in a city so bereft of a positive, visual image. How many others would risk their fortunes on such a noble cause?

It's no accident that other galleries, most notably the Detroit Artist's Market, have relocated to Woodward Village. Thewes' money blazed that trail. Using your column as a personal flogging forum is bad form. What would your students think? I still work closely with CPop's new director, Mary Harrison. Call her and get your facts straight. —Rick Manore, [email protected], Trenton

Jack Lessenberry responds: Very well; I should have said "resigned to pursue other interests." I'm happy Mr. Manore thinks he went out on top, but as Al Gore once said, going out on top is still, ah, going out. Cheers.

Alabama anger

I enjoyed Keith A. Owens’ article, "Rights rescinded" (MT, Dec 20-26). As a white male from Alabama, I will never truly be able to comprehend the extent of the anger and frustration black voters must feel over the outcome of this election. But I can guarantee you that I am angry and frustrated as well. Keep up the good work. There are people out here who care and who are listening. —Cary Estes, [email protected], Birmingham, Ala.

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