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Warped perceptions

Re: Mike Conte's letter to the editor ("Tiny little mind," Letters, Dec. 29, 2010), I am not any category. There are some subjects that I'm liberal on, and others I'm conservative on — much like most of America. However, Mr. Conte has an extremely warped perception of the Bush Era as "good times." Eight months into the Bush presidency, 9/11 occurred. From that, we started a good war (Afghanistan) and a horrible war (Iraq, on false pretenses and lies to the American people). We saw a declining perception of America worldwide, a national debt increased from $5 trillion to $11 trillion, and a real estate bubble burst roughly the size of the meteor that rendered the dinosaurs extinct. At least President Obama may actually resolve a crisis or two before he leaves office, and not create one. —Garrett Printz, Chesterfield

48217 sold out?

Thank you, for focusing on the 48217, "dog leg" portion of the city of Detroit. Many overlook our area and feel that the Vernor and Springwells area is where southwest Detroit ends. Yes we are called southwest Detroit, but the fact is that we are "south Detroit." A lot of the economic developments to our area include industrial expansion, as mentioned in your article; however, the community in this area deserves better, and far more resources are needed for the safety of our children and residents against industrial pollutants. Yes, we still have strong neighborhoods, and, yes, we have problems within our community — the same as other neighborhoods. But sometimes I feel like we have been abandoned, as if the city has already sold our area out to its surrounding industries. I listen to Mayor Bing's political standpoints, and I am waiting to see what positive action will take place in our neighborhood. I ask that this mayor does not continue the process of kicking the people in the 48217 ZIP code to the curb. The Fort Street Bridge that runs over Pleasant Street is a reconstruction project that should have been considered — and done — more than a decade ago. The Oakwood Water Pumping Plant is not being constructed to serve the 48217 ZIP code, but for other surrounding areas also. So who are we trying to fool when we speak about dollars being allocated for this area? We want our area's economics to be restored, along with clean air to breath, nice playground areas and schools for our children, and, yes, safe neighborhoods. —A. Giddens, Detroit

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