It looks like Eminem pal 50 Cent may be going a bit off -- how you say? -- the deep end. Fitty has issued a statement that if Kanye West's new album, which hits the streets September 11th, the same day as 50 Cent's new album, sells more copies than his does the first week of release, he'll quit making solo albums himself. One can only hope... The man born Curtis James Jackson (hence, the new album's title, which is Curtis) did outsell Kanye in the past -- after all, 50's last album was the best-selling CD of 2005, selling 1.14 million copies its first week of release. But the hype machine has been going full-throttle for Mr. West since his Grammy win last year (plus, unlike Eminem, 50's major film debut was a bit of a bust), so pundits are betting that Kanye will sell more albums this time out. As a result, the rapper told the hip-hop website, SOHH.com: "Let's raise the stakes. If Kanye West sells more records than 50 Cent (why do these guys always refer to themselves in the third person?) on September 11th, I'll no longer write music. I'll write music and work with my other artists, but I won't put out any more solo albums." Interestingly, although they've feuded via the media in the past, the two have recorded tracks together in the last year...but perhaps more interestingly, neither of those tracks are on either of their respective CDs. When Kanye was asked about the controversy at the MTV Awards Nomination event this week, he took the high road: "I thought it was the stupidest thing. When my album drops and 50's album drops, you're going to get a lot of good music at the same time."

But wait, that's not all: Fitty also reportedly threw a fit this week when he found out his new video -- which features Dustin Hoffman playing his shrink -- was leaked to the Web, which he believes was done by his own label, Interscope. The video -- which also features Robin Thicke (who collaborated on the track) -- is for a song called "Follow My Lead," which is scheduled for an October release. Sources say the rapper went into a rage when he found out about the leak, which included ripping a 70-inch plasma screen TV off the wall and then throwing a phone through the window of his excutive office. He told excutives he will no longer do promotional things for the album's release and is refusing to speak to anyone from Interscope. Hmmmm... Can anybody say self-fulfilling prophecy?

Don't tell anyone you got it from us...but you can see the video here.

Not to be outdone, country star Kenny Chesney, who also has an album out on September 11th, predicts he'll outsell both of the rappers. The pertinent question here is obviously: Who really gives a flying fuck?

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