Jeffrey Morgan's Media Blackout 

Bend over and Jeffrey Morgan's Media Blackout #158 will drive you home!


Jackie Wilson & LaVern Baker"Think Twice, Version X" (Zu Zazz) :: This ribald recording from 1966 makes mention of Wilson's mob-affiliated manager Nat Tarnopol who, as the story goes, got Jackie to renew his contract with Brunswick Records a year later by having the singer held out the window of a New York high-rise until Wilson used his free hand to sign on the dotted line.

LAVERN BAKER: [singing] I said you better think twice Jackie, before you call me a dirty whore. I've got news for you little boy: don't fuck with me no more. So you better be nice. You better take my advice. Oh, you dirty bastard, think twice.

JACKIE WILSON: [singing] Now wait a minute, cloying bitch. I had just about enough of your shit. I'm gonna walk on out the door. Ain't gonna kiss your ass no more. Bye bye, whore.

LAVERN: [speaking] Now listen to me, Honey. I give you all the reefer, all the cocaine, and you still fuckin' up. You understand that?

JACKIE: You're always pullin' up your dress...

LAVERN: That's alright, just lick it. You know how to do that, don't you?

JACKIE: I don't want no more of your reefer ...

LAVERN: You know how to eat ice cream?

JACKIE: ...and your pussy ...

LAVERN: You eat ice cream?

JACKIE: No, not that kind.

LAVERN: Chocolate? Chocolate? Just lick it. Alright? [singing] Listen to me, Jackie, before you jump up with your fleas. I've got news for you little boy: there ain't another cunt like me. So you better be nice. And keep your funky lice. You dirty bastard. Oh, baby, think twice.

JACKIE: I'll tell the whole thing.


JACKIE: I heard Nat Tarnopol say . . .

LAVERN: What he say?

JACKIE: Naboyan is a dirty bitch that way ...

LAVERN: And Phil is a queer.

JACKIE: Phil Mason?

LAVERN: He's a stone queer from outta here.

Like a Pasolini toad, gonna give up all my load!

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