Jackman's Top 5 redneck drinking songs 

So you want to get drunk to country music, but the sum of your experience with it is that "Red Solo Cup" song and a karaoke version of "You Never Even Called Me By My Name"? No problem. Here are some cuts you can throw a drunk to in style, with no sadness, no regrets, a soundtrack of sorts for the unrepentant sot.

“Chug-a-Lug” — Roger Miller

Perhaps it’s best to begin a country music drinking session with this joyful ode to underage drinking, all about sneaking grape wine, moonshine, and finally a seat at the bar at 15 years old.

“I Like Beer” — Tom T. Hall

This is almost more of an upbeat drinking song than a country song. Written and performed by country music’s “storyteller,” it’s an ode to brew — and against wine, vodka, whiskey, and Champagne.

“The Lord Knows I’m Drinking” — Cal Smith

This hit penned by Bill Anderson embodies all that’s best about 1970s country: a thirst for booze, a love for women, and a disdain for preachy, sanctimonious busybodies who want to push you around in God’s name.

“Barstool Mountain” — Johnny Paycheck

At first you might think this a song about love gone wrong, but it’s really about the place the singer goes to escape those feelings. Where is it? “High above your world.”

“One Six Pack to Go” — Hank Thompson

Closing the bar on Sunday night after a full day of drinking that’s going to leave you short on your rent? Buy a six-pack from the bar and drop two quarters in the jukebox for this one.


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