Is it safe? 

How do you keep sex safe? Do you?

How do you keep sex safe? Do you?

Don't bar-fuck, ever. 

—Ribalda 67, partners: "lol," straight 


—Anonymous, 30, 15 partners, straight

Use a condom every time. I use one every time. I may tease a little without one, but no penetration without one. 

—Artemis A, 24, 7 partners, straight

Dental dams, gloves, lube, condoms for sex toys. 

—Lezgo, 23, 1 partner, gay

My boyfriend had unprotected sex with his ex, and I ended up getting HPV, despite having the Gardasil shots and everything. Everyone should always, always, always wear a fucking condom. Carry it around in your pocket or your bra if you have to. You don't know what you might have, what your partner might have (even if you trust them), or whose life you could change. Also, double tap. Birth control that shit. 

—Nice Rack, 26, 2 partners, straight

I try my best, but it doesn't always happen. Sometimes I just get caught up in the horniness of the moment ... unfortunately. Lately I have become very concerned that I might have AIDS and am planning on getting tested as soon as possible. 

—Kurth, 47, 30+ partners, bi

Just use them, idiot. There's nothing worse than waking up from drunken hook-up with some fat chick saying, "Just so you know, I may have been exposed to an STD, you should get checked out," and thinking, "What exactly did we do last night? How did I get here? Why am I wearing pink velour pajama bottoms? Is that a donkey mask?" —Somewhat Damaged, 37, 8 partners, straight 

I'm like ODB: "Oh, baby, I like it raw." 

—GTFO, 30, 6 partners, straight 

Sometimes I don't because of the thrill of sex in public. —Garmon, 56, 10 partners, straight

Wish I did more often. 

—Cement Dick, 44, 800+ partners, straight

I always keep sex safe — and I use an IUD and condoms. —Hot Butter, 34, 6 partners, straight

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