Distaff inflection 

News Hits is antsy to announce The Year of the Woman in Detroit. That’s right. Seven — count ‘em, seven — of Detroit City Council’s nine members are now females.

We admit, however, that some of our feminist fervor cooled when we realized that part of the deal includes four more years of Kay Everett and her cartoon captain’s hats. On the other hand, we’re willing to go out on a limb and predict none of the seven councilgals will get into trouble for pistol-whipping a spouse. So things are indeed looking up.

In addition to the estrogen-laden council, fashion mavens ought to have a ball this year. Carlita Kilpatrick, wife of Mayor-elect Kwame Kilpatrick, may be the Jackie O of Motown. On election night, with delivery of her third child imminent, Carlita was resplendent in a shiny blue pantsuit with dangling beads around the ankle. Her hair was piled high on her head with cascading curls, and she looked so glamorous you nearly forgot she was in maternity garb. (The Monster Kwamster, meanwhile, was wearing a suit large enough to convert into circus tents — accessorized smartly by those quirky cauliflower ears of his.) Here’s hoping Carlita, a conflict-mediation counselor for kids, puts the bug in hubby’s quirky ear to come up with much-needed help for Detroit’s women and children.

Lisa M. Collins contributed to News Hits, which is edited by Curt Guyette. He can be reached at 313-202-8004 or cguyette@metrotimes.com

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