Moravian Drive at Harrington- Clinton Township.
Parking: Vineyard Parking/Parking lot

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Chateau Valerio Winery is southeastern Michigan's only vineyard winery, producing fine wines from California grown grapes.  We have 15 varieties of wine, including Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel, among others, which are all produced on premises, and held for sale daily.

Each week, a celebration of wine is held on the property, located at 39085 Moravian Drive at Harrington Drive, in Clinton Township.

The tasting room and processing area are held in a converted small ranch that has occupied the property for over the past sixty years.  This building is surrounded by vineyards and lush gardens with more than 125 varieties of trees, plants, and flowers from four continents, six countries, and twenty-two states.

September and October give cause to celebrate the harvest, the arrival of the grapes, the crushing, the pressing, and the fermenting of the grapes.  These will each be celebrated with wine tastings and tours (limited to 25 people) available by reservation for Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  Private group tastings are also available by appointment.  November will celebrate the Nouveau Beaujolais and the feast of San Martino, celebrating the tasting of the new wine.  December will celebrate Christmas, commemerating Christ's birth; a great winemaker whose first public miracle was turning water into wine.

The celebrations include wine tastings, demonstrations of the wine making process, historical and significant information for each respective celebration, and the purchase of wine.  Our company mission statement is “We drink all we can and sell the rest,” because “Life is too short to drink cheap wine.”

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