BeNaughty Review: Honest Review Of BeNaughty

Being single isn’t always as fun as the movie tropes make it out to be. Most of the time, it sucks. Dating online can be a hassle in itself, though. Trying to find the best online dating sites that genuinely fit your vibe can be difficult, especially if your tastes are a bit outside of vanilla.

My tastes are often outside of what many deem vanilla. I like to enjoy my fair share of the naughtier side of life. I wanted to find a dating site that feels welcoming and exhilarating at the same time. A site where other users don’t judge based on sexual orientation, and I can feel free to explore myself.

That’s how my BeNaughty review started. Compared to other sites, I’d heard great things about this dating site. I was ready to give it a chance finally.

So, I signed up for a BeNaughty account, added my profile photos, and set out on a mission. I started to send messages to other members if something made me pay attention to their profiles. Often it was their profile photo, but a good bio did me in, too.

And now, I’m going to divulge my BeNaughty website review for you. Maybe you’re weighing out different dating sites. Maybe you just want to learn more about the registration process and how much personal information you’ll be giving away. I go over the whole BeNaughty website in great length, so you’re in luck.

Is BeNaughty safe? Is the mobile app worth it? What is it in the first place? Allow me to answer any questions you might have while I share my experience.

Great alternatives to BeNaughty:


Best For

Ashley Madison

Local meetups

Adult Friend Finder

Large open minded community


Sugar relationships

What is BeNaughty?

  • Picture an online dating platform of versatile function.
  • A casual dating site, BeNaughty promises nearby “hot girl” chat rooms and singles who love to flirt.
  • Within minutes of creating even a free account, you can start browsing for the singles you desire in your area.

This might sound like the dating site is right for many if they are not looking for serious relationships. Instead, they want a naughtier kind of dating platform where they can be just what they want to be.

If this sounds like you as much as it did me, then you might be in luck with this review. Whether you want to meet people in real life or just chat online for some tempting fun, it's one of the best hookup sites online.

  • I tried BeNaughty out for more than a few days, and this is an honest review of my experience.
  • Overall, I'd give it a review rating of 9 out of 10, but let's dive into the rest of my BeNaughty review to find out why.

Signing Up

The registration process for BeNaughty is easy and straight to the point.

  • Only well-known e-mail providers are accepted, like Gmail and Yahoo. It’s easy enough to create multiple accounts with Google, though. A throwaway email doesn’t take long to make.

This signup process makes it easy to stay anonymous instead of using a personal account. Many people don’t necessarily want to share any personal data on a dating site like this.

Fortunately, all you have to do is sign up with that email to start checking people out. You don’t even have to finish creating a profile first. Once you’re ready to start chatting, you must sign up for a premium BeNaughty account.

If you’re a woman, though, you can message for free. Your profile photos are a great way to share your story, so this is easy to do. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words! All you have to do is verify at least one photo.

I love that you can try out the BeNaughty website for free. While only women can send messages for free, there are many features available for free accounts. You can even read at least the first few messages in your mailbox without paying anything.

Let me give you a rundown of what’s free and what it will cost on the site.

Free Features

  • See new members list
  • See essential photos, typically the first profile photo, of other members
  • Add people to your Favorites list
  • Winking
  • See who’s online
  • 5 free messages
  • For female accounts with verified photos, all messaging

Fee-Based Features

  • Messaging for any user that doesn’t identify as female
  • See a person’s location
  • See all photos in photo albums
  • Share any photos and videos in the chat
  • Unlock “Looking for” dating info on profiles

Before we jump into the BeNaughty review let's discuss an alternative Ashley Madison.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison got its start as the first affair friendly dating site. Since then it has blossomed into one of the best places to find casual dating and alternative people. Simply sign up here for a free trial of Ashley Madison.

If you’re looking for a local meet up or even some virtual fun Ashley Madison brings non traditional dating to the table. Simply fill out a quick questionnaire and start matching.

First Look at my Honest BeNaughty Review

Since 2000, the platform has been established as one of the best casual dating sites online. The site claims 13 million active users, though that number may be skewed towards specific areas.

Upon closer inspection, it also looks like that’s the population of worldwide users. There are approximately 500K users in the United States. Of those, at least 120K users are active each week.

Globally, though, that 13 million may have risen to 17 million — each month. BeNaughty is a popular hub across the world with a vast number of participants.

No matter your sexual orientation, you’re sure to find matches that feel right for you.

I believe the more densely populated an area, the more luck you’ll have with a BeNaughty account.

Notably, women get to message users for free.

They have almost a premium account, essentially. However, some features are still limited until they pay the subscription. Many women take advantage of this feature, though. Thanks to this, you’re likely to find many women online and constantly active.

What I Like

  • BeNaughty app available for iOS and Android users
  • Founded in 2000
  • The straightforward registration process
  • Start browsing profiles immediately after signup.
  • Women have free premium accounts with a verified photo
  • Easy to avoid spam and bots if you pay attention to the profile photo
  • Friendly user interface that looks like a social media site

What I Don’t Like

  • There's a possibility of running into fake profiles
  • Networks’ limited reach in some areas can leave some new users out of luck

What Deals are Available?

  • $0.99 premium trial for 1 day
  • $1 trial for 1 week

What I think is a better Alternative to BeNaughty:

Adult Friend Finder:

If you’re looking for a super sleek experience with a like minded community AFF could be for you. I prefer it to BeNaughty because it hosts adult content and everyone using this site has the same thing in mind.

Signing up for AFF is super easy and your profile begins getting hits almost immediately. This site is more affordable than BeNaughty and in our opinion you get more bang for the buck.

Give AFF a try and sign up here.

My Honest BeNaughty Review

There’s a lot to love about the BeNaughty website. As soon as you log in, you can see the navigation is intuitive and straightforward. A comfy platform, you can get adjusted to its settings and navigational functions rather quickly.

It took me just a couple of minutes before I got the hang of things. I consider myself to be pretty tech-savvy. Even for someone who isn’t, though, the site functionality and design make it feel welcoming. It should be accessible even if you’re not versed in typical dating networks.

One thing that sets it apart in its simplicity is the lack of buttons. Newbies can all too often get put off by how many options are available. Instead, BeNaughty only includes essential functions. If it’s not necessary to use, you don’t have to see it as a button.

Browse through other users here. On the left, there’s a gallery of likes, as well as the handy search button. You can skip them or like them to start a conversation.

This feature helps users take that shaky first step in showing interest. The other user will get a notification that you’ve liked one of their photos.

Over on the right is a profile icon to contact support, change your profile info, or just log out. A notification icon will also be over here. It’ll display all the latest activity from users that are showing interest in you.

Finally, you’ll also see a chat icon. You can probably imagine what this button does. Start a live conversation whenever you’re ready right here.

The BeNaughty Audience

Women on the platform are often looking for more than just friendship. It can be all too easy to get swept up into the charm of a pretty face. If you’re in search of men, know that they’re often expecting casual dates. Generally speaking, men aren’t looking for long-term or committed relationships here.

Fortunately, I knew what to expect going in. I made us of the free features that I could. The trial was worth trying, so I gave it a chance. It does feel like female users have the advantage. But this is no different than many other sites across the internet.

The only thing to watch out for is fake accounts. There can be some fraudsters amongst all the user activity. If you’re in search of an attractive single, keep a close eye on their profile. Try to reverse image search their photos. Don’t overlook their bio.

My Favorite BeNaughty Functions & Features

  • GPS-based, so it tries to take your location into account when it can
  • Lightning-fast signup process
  • Women get free features like unlimited messaging
  • Lots of user activity across the platform
  • Safe Mode feature makes it to where only other members that are verified can message you.
  • Because of this feature, complete verification is optional
  • Satisfaction Policy: New users can get a free trial if they go 3 months with no success on the site
  • Most features are free besides messaging
  • The advanced search tool lets you filter users by background, personality, and more

A Final Alternative Suggestion:


Seeking is a great alternative to BeNaughty because users are completely transparent about what they are looking for. This website is great for dating locally and finding people that are open to all walks of life.

Give Seeking a try today and sign up here.

Should You Get the Premium?

I tried both the free membership and the upgraded, premium version of BeNaughty’s subscription options. I did that through the $0.99 trial because it's a great deal to get your feet wet with the site.

When I tried the dating platform, 1 month was $28.80, and 3 months cost $16.20/month. Overall, not a bad deal for some naughty fun.

There are perks for all new members, but not nearly enough unless you're a full member. With a premium membership, you're able to message members to your heart's content.

So, should you get the premium?

Well, that depends on you. Those who are financially stable, have an excellent or are attractive will have the best luck on this dating website. That's not to turn others away, though.

If you want to cancel your premium subscription or recurring changes, customer reviews say it's not easy to contact support. It makes sense that many BeNaughty reviews might say this.

I think a BeNaughty subscription is still worth it. I’d want to enjoy the perks of being a premium member again, so a premium account just makes sense.

Is BeNaughty Legit?

Yes, it’s a legit dating platform. Everyone is different, but it’s one of the best dating sites for many BeNaughty members. I enjoy the dating app for iOS devices, though Android users have a solid app, too.

Is BeNaughty Safe?

Yes, I found BeNaughty to be very safe. Sure, there is the site’s share of fake profiles. It’s easy to report suspicious behavior, though. Likewise, you can only send messages if you have a premium membership.

I only put my credit card details in one time. It was on an SSL-encrypted platform, so my personal information stays safe.

Final Thoughts - Is BeNaughty Reliable?

Overall, the BeNaughty dating site is perfect for many to find some fun, either online or in real life. Other users may be limited depending on your area, but it doesn't hurt to find out. Plus, enough new users in one area can turn even more spots into hubs for the dating platform.

I hope my BeNaughty review can help others who want to try out the hookup site. With a convenient BeNaughty app, you can have fun on the go. Whether that's through private messages, exchanging photos and videos, or casual dates, this is one of the dating services that seems to offer it all.

If you’re not sure just yet, check out other BeNaughty reviews. Or, give it a chance and try out the BeNaughty website for yourself. There’s a mobile version for Android users, account creation is easy, and other members are just waiting to be naughty with you.

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