Potty talk — Harry Potter madness. It's madness, we tell you! With nothing to do with their spare time while waiting for the next book and movie, rabid fans turn to the Web to entertain themselves. Speculating on possible plot turns and bitching about character developments abound at There's also, which bills itself as "the most trusted name in Potter." You can even download an online counter that clocks the hours, minutes and seconds until the next HP movie, The Order of the Phoenix, is released.

Is your significant other or child an HP freak and you have no clue what a muggle or the Leaky Cauldron is? Visit, an extensive encyclopedia of HP-speak.

But let's get to the good stuff: HP fanfic, which is short fiction, often really bad, based on the HP characters and penned by fans, can be found in spades at Though most of it is of a fairly innocent nature, there are some semi-naughty bits in there too.

If Oliver Stone were a HP fan, he'd probably be posting on, a conspiracy site dedicated to the discussion of theories, half-baked and otherwise, proving that ol' Dumby didn't really bite the big one in the last book.

Can't figure out why Hermione seems to have the hots for that dorky bumbling Ron? Perhaps the folks at can clue you in. Or, if you disagree totally and would rather see the young witch get it on with burgeoning hottie Harry, there's

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