Ask a Juggalo: What should people know before they consider going to the Gathering of the Juggalos?

Q: What should people know before they consider going to the Gathering of the Juggalos?

A:Basically, it's just a place of nothing but love and good music and friendship. It's supposed to represent Shangri-La, or Heaven on Earth. Everything good with the world is there, and any troubles from the world — from bills to your girlfriend or boyfriend broke up with you, anything — you just leave them at the gate when you come in because none of them are accepted there. It's just a place to do nothing but forget about the troubles of the world and have a good time for a few days and just escape from reality.

If you want to have your car there, you have to pay a little bit. But camping is free. You can camp out. A lot of people, for some reason, don't even sleep. They don't even bring camping stuff. They just stay up for the whole four or five days — however long it is that year — and they just party the whole time. As far as water, there's always Juggalos helping out others and passing out water, hot dogs, food — anything to anybody that would need it. But, they also have vendors there that sell any type of food you could find at a carnival or fair — even exotic stuff. I think there was one vendor selling alligator!

There is a lot of nudity, so, a lot of times, people under the age of 18 might not want to join in the festivities. Other than that, there's games, rides, prizes, shows, concerts and anything anybody could want to have a good time for four days in the sun. It's a big, four-day carnival with nonstop shows and attractions and everything, just to take people's minds off of the world and the problems they might have out here and just escape and become themselves for a few days.

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