Aerial scare, mayoral prayer 

Renaissance Center employees got a heart-stopping jolt the morning of Sept. 11 when they looked out their windows to see oncoming World War II planes. Flashbacks aplenty to a year ago (or would that be Pearl Harbor circa 1941?). Bottom line: It probably wasn’t the greatest timing for the Screamin’ Rebel Airshows to perform as part of a Sept. 11 memorial service in Hart Plaza.

On the other hand, Kilpatrick deserves commendation for his comments at the event. In stark contrast to President Bush’s warmongering, Kilpatrick was in full healing mode. He asked for prayers for people in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and all over the world, saying we’re all connected to each other. He also prayed for American Arabs and others, saying we are equally American.

Unfortunately, the brotherly love won’t last the Kwamster for long. A coalition of 40 unions — angry about Kilpatrick’s proposed 0 percent raise for city workers — plans to protest in front of mayor’s Leslie Street mansion on Saturday.

Maybe the Screamin’ Rebels could be dispatched to scatter the crowd.

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