Michigan Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence was caught playing Candy Crush on her phone during SOTU

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Honestly, we can so relate to this.

What do you do when faced with listening to an insane narcissistic and self-proclaimed "very stable genius" hammer on about his so-called accomplishments for, I don't know, at least an hour? You take out your handheld device and commence playing your favorite game, duh.

For Democratic House Rep. Brenda Lawrence that game is, apparently, Candy Crush Saga.

A photographer caught Lawrence making matches on her iPhone around 9:45 p.m., and even though two fellow congresswomen seated beside her were also looking at their phones during the address, folks seem most bent out of shape about Lawrence's choice of mobile activity.

Not surprisingly, a lot of angry people on Twitter are calling for her voters to out her, as angry people on Twitter tend to do. 
But, in all honesty, someone should give this guy a job writing campaign slogans. 
Lawrence represents Michigan's 14th district in the House of Representatives. Before that, she served as mayor of Southfield from 2001 to 2015.