This Halloween, Michigan's trick-or-treaters deserve better

click to enlarge The only time of year when Kansas seems like a better place to live. -
The only time of year when Kansas seems like a better place to live.
There's a new report out from a candy wholesaler leveraging Halloween for publicity purposes, and the results are staggering.

Michigan, a place where about one in three people are obese, is really slumming it on the Halloween candy front. While people in fat states like Mississippi and Arkansas are most often enjoying 3 Musketeers bars and Jolly Ranchers this time of year, Michiganders are gnawing on candy corn.

Candy corn? That cheap, dyed, artificial caramel-tasting stuff? Say it ain't so!

Unfortunately, it is so — at least, based on the bulk candy sales of online wholesaler The company says it compiled 10 years' worth of data on which candy items were the hottest sellers in the three months leading up to Halloween, and Michiganders most often bought the little tri-colored triangles.

While the company claims that more and more people are buying their candy online, we really hope that when other sales data is factored in (we have a hunch — and a hope — that most folks are still buying the fun size variety packs you can pick up at the grocery store) some other candy comes out on top.

Further digging shows that the results may have something to do with price. A 30 pound bag of candy corn on costs just $101, while 30 pound bags of other cheap treats — Dum Dums and Sweet Tarts, for example — can run $130-$150 each.

In the end, the results may be more indicative of Michigan's economic health than its citizens' taste buds. And if that's the case, we forgive the candy corn-buyers among us.