Sen. Stabenow says GOP Senators pulling a 'political exercise' over health care bill

Senator Debbie Stabenow made the morning TV rounds today where she discussed the dangers of the health care bill that the Senate is supposed to vote on.

Stabenow tells MSNBC that there is no one in the Senate that loves the bill and that the GOP Senate is using this bill as a "political exercise." Stabenow goes on to say that "Health insurance is personal. If my child is sick, I want to take them to a doctor, If my mom has Alzheimer's, I want to make sure she has nursing home care that she needs. They are doing a political exercise on something the affects every single on of us."

Senator Stabenow goes on to say that 3 out of 5 Michigan seniors in nursing homes get their medical care from Medicaid, which would be disastrous if passed through the Senate.