Betsy DeVos was booed today as she gave a commencement address

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos gave a commencement address at historically black college Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach that did not go the way she planned.

DeVos was met with a chorus of boos from students and faculty when she took the stage to give the keynote address. Many students were already vocally against DeVos giving the speech anyway.

According to reports, when DeVos began her speech, many students turned their back on DeVos and boos and shouts erupted from the crowd. DeVos has to raise her voice in order to be heard over the crowd.

DeVos' nomination for the position was controversial straight from the beginning. DeVos has been a strong supporter for school choice, private, and charter schools — and she upset students at many historically black universities when she said they "were the original pioneers of school choice."

Petitions flooded the school before the commencement ceremony took place today, but the President of the university, Dr. Edison O. Jackson supported DeVos giving the speech.

You can watch some of the speech below.