Best CBD Gummies for COPD - Overview 2022

When dealing with COPD symptoms, CBD gummies are of a helping hand, too.

It's not news anymore that herbal wonders, like CBD gummies, are used by most to relieve symptoms of various illnesses and common sicknesses. Many people use it to improve their sleeping habits, increase their appetite, boost exercise endurance, and even maintain overall health.

Lately, CBD gummies are being recommended to COPD patients to help them with respiratory symptoms. According to preliminary studies and anecdotal shreds of evidence, COPD patients have seen improvements in their daily activities and even their lung function.

However, what makes CBD gummies and other CBD products work? What should you be looking for when purchasing so you can maximize the health benefits of a CBD product?

In this article, we look at what one should know about COPD and how CBD potentially helps patients cope with it. And on top of it, to make everything plain sailing when buying, we also shortlisted five of the best CBD gummies for COPD you can find on the market right now.

  • Best Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies for COPD - Cornbread Hemp CBD Gummies
  • Best Broad-Spectrum CBD Gummies for COPD - Joy Organics CBD Gummies
  • Most Potent Delta-8 THC Gummies for COPD - Mary Jane's CBD Dispensary Delta-8 THC Gummies
  • Best CBD Gummies for Fast Relief - Mission Farms Nano CBD Gummies
  • Best CBD Isolate Gummies for COPD - Discover CBD Active CBD Oil Gummies

Know The Facts: Debunking Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Myths

There are too many misconceptions and myths that need to be debunked about the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It pays to know how serious this illness is and to what extent can CBD gummies help.

Myth 1: COPD is a rare disease that only affects people who are addicted to smoking cannabis and tobacco.

Fact: COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is the third most common cause of death worldwide. In 2019, according to Word Health Organization (WHO), COPD caused around 3.2 million deaths. Though there are many supporting scientific studies on how detrimental excessive tobacco and cannabis smoking is, it doesn't automatically lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Advanced COPD can even affect non-smokers.

Myth 2: COPD is untreatable.

Fact: Treating COPD is very possible! There are many options. Treatment therapies, medications, and vaccines have been recommended by medical experts for COPD patients. Alongside this, exercising regularly and following the recommended nutrition plan will work miracles in managing the symptoms of acute and advanced COPD. It is to note, however, that one must get diagnosed first, so one gets the best treatment possible.

Myth 3: Herbal supplements, botanicals, or natural aids—like CBD gummies—do nothing for COPD symptoms.

Fact: There is no evidence that CBD and other cannabinoids can be an effective treatment for COPD. However, the CBD in CBD products may help in alleviating COPD symptoms. Studies show that CBD has potential neuroprotective, anxiolytic, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

COPD involves respiratory symptoms like airway inflammation, exertional breathlessness, and cough (which may bring up phlegm or sputum). And it doesn't stay in the lungs. There are other symptoms, like pain and sleep disorders, that can easily ruin someone's plans. CBD gummies may help to improve your health and to continue living your life to your heart's content.

To add, according to a forecast, because of the increasing number of health-conscious consumers, the supplements market is expected to reach $13.32 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 7.16%. This just shows that due to how CBD and other herbal supplements make COPD patients and other people feel, they continue to stick with them for their benefit.

How Does the CBD in CBD Gummies Help Our Lungs During COPD?

CBD can be an immune-supporting product you may add to your routine. Here are scientific studies on CBD that may convince you to use CBD gummies for COPD management.

Taking CBD oil may be linked to lung cancer regression. In one cannabis research, doctors have observed shrinkage of a cancer tumor on a patient, who refused to undergo any conventional treatment. Instead, for months, she added CBD oil to her daily routine. According to the manufacturer, the CBD product contained 20% CBD (cannabidiol), 19.5% delta-9 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and 24% THCa (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid).

  • It is to note, under Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation on cannabis-derived products, only 0.3% of THC is allowed.

CBD might increase apelin levels in the human body. Apelin is a natural peptide that reduces inflammation. According to a study that surfaced during the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, CBD may help in reducing the 'cytokine storms' that cause the decrease in apelin levels and damage the lungs. Using CBD has also been linked to healthier oxygen levels, reduced inflammation of the lungs, and improved lung function.

CBD has potential beneficial effects in the treatment of obstructive airway disorders. In a 2015 study conducted on guinea pigs, CBD "can influence the antigen-induced contraction of airway smooth muscle in vitro got from allergic guinea pigs." With the results, it's been suggested that CBD, even though indirect and complex, may help in inhibiting the contraction of airway passages and thus, in breathing comfortably.

Lastly, cannabis oil extract has effects on immune response gene expression in epithelial cells. In a preliminary study conducted to dive deep into CBD and COPD symptoms, significant changes in the expression of 37 tested genes have been observed. These genes are associated with respiratory diseases like COPD.

Buying COPD Gummies: Top 5 CBD Gummies That Work

#1. Joy Organics CBD Gummies - Best Broad-Spectrum CBD Gummies for COPD


  • Uses organic broad-spectrum hemp distillate, so zero to traces of THC is present only.
  • Requires only a small amount of CBD dosage (half of a CBD gummy) to feel the promised effects.
  • Formulated with vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO ingredients.
  • Naturally flavored with fruits (strawberry lemonade and green apple) and sweetened with organic tapioca syrup and cane sugar.
  • Third-party lab tested.


  • 0.0% of THC means the least possibility of the entourage effect from happening.

Product Highlights

Joy Organic CBD Gummies are perfect for those who want THC-free vegan CBD gummies! Perfect for dietary preferences and restrictions, especially for those trying to manage difficult COPD symptoms.

Joy Organics produce premium CBD products that contain a variety of phytonutrient. That's right. They not only rely on the magic of CBD, cannabinoids, and terpenes from hemp plants. Taking advantage of other organic ingredients that can boost the effects of CBD and even add more to the list of benefits of CBD gummies is what Joy Organics is doing.

#2. Discover CBD Active CBD Gummies - Best CBD Isolate Gummies for COPD


  • Completely THC-free CBD isolate gummies that are perfect for working professionals.
  • Flavored and with a sweet coating to avoid the taste, aftertaste, and odor of hemp plants' extract.
  • Non-GMO ingredients used. No fillers, no preservatives, no solvents, and no additives.
  • Easy-to-dose and have long-lasting effects.
  • They're manufactured in the largest CDPHE-certified hemp manufacturing facilities.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered to Discover CBD customers.
  • Each batch of active CBD gummies is sent to an independent laboratory for testing.


  • Since there's no THC, entourage effects may be difficult to achieve.

Product Highlights

Active CBD Gummies is recommended for starters, for those trying to stay away from THC (because of addiction), and for those who just want pure CBD goodness!

Discover CBD has always been rooted in the mission to bring the health benefits of CBD to the masses. Right now, Discover CBD can be found in eight locations across the US to reach every American who needs CBD the most. Their manufacturing facility in Colorado, where they produce all of their CBD products, has received certification from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). Consumers can make sure that everything is prepared with delicateness and that every CBD gummy you pop in your mouth is free of metals and other contaminants.

#3. Mission Farms Pure CBD Gummies with Nano CBD - Best CBD Gummies for Fast Relief


  • In addition to Full Spectrum CBD, these gummies contain proprietary 'Nano CBD' great for fast absorption.
  • Available in two natural flavors: Marionberry Lemon and Hood River Apple Pie.
  • Available in full jars and travel-sized jars.
  • Free shipping is offered when you purchase $75+ Mission Farms CBD products.
  • Each batch of manufactured nano CBD gummies is tested for effectiveness and purity.


  • Contain trace amounts of THC, so not a good choice for people who undergo drug testing.

Product Highlights

Mission Farms Nano CBD Gummies are the best bet if you need fast-acting relief for your COPD symptoms. Since it contains the nano CBD compound, which is said to be absorbed by your body three times faster than regular CBD, managing the disease becomes easier.

Mission Farms has always been at the forefront of harnessing the benefits of the Cannabis plant. They are known for their innovations in creating remarkably effective products. Furthermore, their products are affordable and can be shipped to every state.

#4. Cornbread Hemp Flower-Only Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies - Best Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies for COPD


  • Contains full-spectrum CBD extract from the mature flowers of hemp plants aside from USDA-certified organic ingredients.
  • Available in two strengths and two gummy flavors.
  • Over 1500 positive reviews were on the website.
  • Discounts and rewards for Cornbread Hemp customers are offered.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is applied for all CBD gummies and other Cornbread Hemp CBD products purchased.
  • Every batch is sent to a third-party laboratory to be tested for purity and potency.


  • Since they contain traces of THC, CBD gummies may not be the best choice if you're expecting a random drug test in your workplace.

Product Highlights

Cornbread Hemp CBD Gummies are well-loved for a reason—they're effective and consistent in providing benefits. This success is attributed to their CBD source.

The family-owned company Cornbread Hemp grows their hemp source in the nutritious soil of Kentucky using organic practices. Besides the positive reviews, most of their CBD products are manufactured and certified organic by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

#5. Mary Jane's CBD Dispensary Delta-8 THC Gummies - Most Potent Delta-8 THC Gummies for COPD


  • Very strong THC content.
  • Assorted flavoring in one bottle.
  • They're low-calorie and easy-to-take delta-8 gummies.
  • There are more pieces than other counterpart CBD gummies.
  • Mary Jane's have physical stores where you may buy these gummies.
  • These THC gummies are third-party lab-tested.


  • Still needs more reviews on its website.
  • Delta-8 THC is a relatively new cannabinoid discovered that needs further clinical data on it.

Product Highlights

MJCBD Delta-8 Gummies are suggested by those who have experience using cannabis-derived products before. These THC gummies are very potent, and thus may only produce enough effects for the experienced. Regardless, newbies may also take these MJCBDD gummies.

Mary Jane's CBD Dispensary is known for having the widest selection of hemp-derived CBD products. There's no question about the research and innovation they contribute to the industry. To note, as this may also be an enormous factor for some, Mary Jane's has 17 physical stores across the country to better serve those who need the wonders of CBD.

COPD CBD Gummies: What's on The Horizon?

The existing scientific studies on the CBD found in CBD products don't prove that it can help in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)—however, there's nothing yet that exists that says CBD does not help in COPD. More research is needed to fully perceive the CBD and cannabinoid effects on humans.

As for now, the promise that animal testing results and anecdotal evidence pose is enough for most to use CBD gummies as an add-on to achieve excellent symptom control and improve their quality of life.

And for those who are just looking for the best CBD Gummies for better lung function and general wellness, we hope this dive deep into COPD and CBD's effects on respiratory diseases help. Together with taking CBD gummies, consistently avoiding anything bad for your health (e.g., smoking), exercising, and eating nutritious food will improve your lung health. Remember: never take your lungs for granted!

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