5 best essay editing and proofreading services (professional and original)

Professional editing can be a great challenge, even for those who are confident in academic writing. Students are commonly overloaded and strained while they are involved in a writing process, especially at the time of exam passing. Lack of time is also not a loyal assistant in this case.

That's why proofreading and editing services may turn into your faithful friends, particularly if your professor or teacher is rigorous in checking for grammatical errors in academic papers. Skilled writers also require help with proofreading and editing.

So let's get started to explore 5 top-grade proofreading and editing services available on the online market.

  1. Editorly - the top quality and low cost service
  2. Paperhelp - a reputable service, working with diverse papers
  3. GradeMiners - an excellent value for money
  4. Studdit - personalization and the finest customer service
  5. Finestessay - rapid turnover

Editorly is one high-quality editing service with affordable prices and professional editors. Doctors and masters of English are well-prepared to propose proper corrections and useful advice to improve your academic skills.

The great news is that proofreading and editing of the personal statement are also available who desire to obtain a professional resume. You are free to select one of the time options suitable for you: one day, three days, one week, or two weeks. Each of the suggested deadlines has its rate. It becomes higher depending on the urgency of the matter.

Proofreading and editing services truly look after the customers' satisfaction suggesting such variants as:

  • Proofreading includes correction of spelling, consistency, and punctuation errors
  • Copy edit – tone, style, and grammar are objects for an appropriate essay proofreading on editing service
  • Line editing – simplicity and language style are under focus of the proofreading company

You are able to pick one of the commonly used styles such as MLA, Harvard, and APA, or choose none of them if it is not the point for essay writing.

Key features

  • Ability to determine one from the following dialects: American, Australian, and British Canadian English on essay editing services
  • Documents for personal use, academic, and research papers are part of the essay editing on essay writing services
  • Budget alternative for those who are looking for professionals with Master's or Doctor's degrees
  • Wide variety of editing time on this proofreading and editing services - from 9 hours to two weeks - to gain the perfect paper ever


Suppose you are looking for a trustworthy company that has been providing proofreading service, editing service, and writing service for ten years. In that case, paying attention to the PaperHelp editing service is preferable.

There is no document, which is a tough nut to crack for a professional editor working on one of the leading writing services. You can rely on correctors working for essay proofreading and editing services, who will examine any kind of student's work, including a dissertation.

In urgent cases, before preparing for an important exam, high-skilled experienced editors from essay editing services commonly do a miracle – to deliver you a revised paper within 180 minutes. High-school students and university students have no worries with PaperHelp. Using one of the best editing and proofreading services with a great online reputation can't get you the wrong way. It is an excellent assistant to boost your educational score.

Customer satisfaction is a priority for PaperHelp. Many businesses working online in a fast-changing environment prefer cooperating with this essay editing service. Thanks to news agencies and the loyal attitude of students, PaperHelp has grown into a superior online proofreading and editing services company presenting dissertation editing, college essay editing, essay writing, and professional editing of a research paper.

Key features

  • You can count on 10% of the total charges if the person you referred purchases something on PaperHelp, thanks to a fascinating referral scheme on a company website.
  • A loyalty scheme allows you to obtain 15% off your acquisition. Discount coupons are also available on this editing service.
  • Except for research paper, there is an opportunity to upload essays, marketing documents, and websites on essay editing services.
  • Affordable and competitive charges of editing service. Essay editing service starts from 7 dollars a page.
  • You can select a writer or corrector from the list of the most recommended authors who make essay editing. Please choose a plagiarism report if it is required.


GradeMiners presents a writing service along with online proofreading and essay editing.

You are able to select one of the following options – British or American English origin or non-native English. The first alternative proposes a top-grade academic paper. The second one is low-cost, depending on your requirements. Fifty subjects is an impressive quantity for writing services and give you a chance to select your own one in one of the most professional services with essay writing.

Just 3 hours sets you apart from high-quality content college essay. Such an academic paper as a dissertation takes a little bit more time – 5 days. A writing paper on this proofreading and editing services requires 100% plagiarism-free, so you can be ensured that GradeMiners essay editing is able to provide it at your request. One more benefit is the warranty of refund in case of non-satisfaction with a result. Such an attitude toward editing and proofreading service causes respect and trust, which brings more and more reliable clients to this editing service.

Key features

  • Native English speakers and ESL speakers are prepared to meet two essential requirements: top-grade quality and affordable prices.
  • Guarantee the absence of mistakes, grammatical errors and spelling errors due to double-checking of academic documents.
  • Plagiarism-free revisions essay writing process. A plagiarism report is supplied accordingly on the essay editing services.
  • Fifty subjects attract a varied audience who gives positive feedback to the GradeMiners essay editing service.
  • Warranty of refund to those who are not pleased with the result of essay editing service.


The benefits of Studdit are personalization and an exceptional customer support team despite its relatively short-term presence on the market of online editing and proofreading services. You can count a quick response from essay writing services anytime, even in the middle of the night.

High-skilled professionals are well-prepared and experienced enough to provide outstanding proofreading and editing services every day and seven days a week. It doesn't matter what kind of project (university, high school, or postgraduate) is placed on the professional editing services. You can rely on authentic text and delivery on schedule. Such an attitude keeps students from leaving negative feedback on the company website.

Splendid news, particularly for students, is a low price for high-quality editing services from the editing companies. It suggests obtaining the reward if you are ready to turn into a member of professional proofreading services. Competent authors are always prepared to give you proper assistance. You have to pick up one of them from the proposed list on the writing service.

Key features

  • High-skilled authors from writing and editing services have certificates and respective experience to make a genuine document and error-free.
  • Starting from 10 dollars, you can rely on splendid day-and-night support on the writing services.
  • Over one hundred subjects are applicable for your selection. It appeals to a wide list of a diverse audience demanding college essay editing.
  • Simple to use interface of a user-friendly website.
  • College essay revision is free of charge.
  • 180 minutes is the minimum term of checking you can count on.


Talking about Finestessay as one of our top 5 online editing and proofreading essay writing services, pay attention to the total confidentiality of your proofread sentence structure and the shortest time of turnaround - 1 hour for an essay from history high school.

The deadline for an assignment, cover letter, or college essay is just 3 hours which is the fastest time among the online services providing professional editing. Research papers and admission essays are commonly revised by a professional editor within 12 hours.

Finestessay gives you an opportunity to gain a discount if you use their proofreading and editing service quite frequently. They insist that high-quality content and creative writing made by certified experts having degrees can't be cheap.

Copyscape is used as a proofreading and editing service for the writing of academic documents for total confidentiality.

Key features

  • One of the speediest writing and editing services - only one hour is required for college essay editing by a professional editor.
  • 15% discount for a newbie
  • An opportunity to cooperate with the same writer again
  • Authors who have an extensive experience with academic writing, excellent writing style, and quality editing can serve free of charge revision.
  • College essay editing service gives a refund in case of non-satisfaction.
  • A probability of selecting the best editor with perfect writing skills among others appointed to the same academic work.
  • The list of the sources is provided upon request.

Proofreading VS Editing

After analyzing the top-quality user-friendly proofreading and editing services, let's have a closer look at both processes and come to light the main variations between them in order to make up your mind properly.

Correction of the document, including grammar and punctuation in the sentences, is the major focus at the time of the essay editing process. Perfection and an excellent mark are the reasons for students appealing to respective affordable services. The editor pays attention to the general tone of the writing. It takes significant effort in comparison to online proofreading.

You can trust the whole structure of the paper to a high-skilled editor. The quality of the content and its simplicity is subject to academic level enhancement. The qualified editor has to rewrite some parts of the paper in order to make the academic writing close to ideal according to standards of academic and research institutions. The warranty to achieve the eventual outcome is the goal of any essay editing. That's why you are ready to pay for such kind of service.

It is obvious that the editor sends you back the document without any grammar mistakes, so he or she checks them along with punctuation, spelling, and syntax. So the proofreading is included in the essay editing, but it doesn't mean that your work doesn't demand additional proofreading. So whatever you would like to give for revision, article, or the whole book, please draw your precious attention to the editing quality.

The academic work requires proofreading if it contains minor grammar errors or issues with syntax and spelling. As the author, the writer is not able to see all possible mistakes in the academic document; an outstanding variant is to pick the proofreading service.

Proofreading could be the superior assistant for avoiding ridiculous errors or typos. Top-rated, experienced proofreaders polish the paper in their best way focusing on the removal of every and each error. This process is commonly followed after the appropriate essay editing. Proofreading exists to create a flawless masterpiece. Wide and deep proficiency is the essential element for such a crucial procedure.

So what is the reason for the selection of editing or proofreading services?

To come to an appropriate decision, you have to define your true demands. They should be written down to avoid waste of your funds. In case of insignificant mistakes, proofreading is the outstanding alternative. Editing is a proper way to revise the whole content, to change some parts. An outcome and simplicity at the same time are crucial here.

How much does the editing of an academic paper commonly cost?

The best way to define which one is cheaper is to evaluate proposals of each proofreading and editing service and to pick the appropriate alternative for you. Please be careful with the highest prices as they don't guarantee you the best service.

If it is your first time exploiting the service or you feel insecure, please be kind to send the same essay or other academic paper to two or three diverse online platforms to put a value on the final outcome.

The total price is calculated taking into account the following points:

  • Editor experience. Non-native speakers or editors without a degree such as a Master's will demand fewer charges than native ones with a respective degree.
  • Type of academic document. More serious works like a dissertation or diplomas require high costs in comparison to college essays or high school academic documents.
  • Turnaround time. You can economize your costs if you give plenty of time to editors.
  • The volume of the content. Long-read documents (more than 1000 words) are commonly the target for higher costs. If you require a fewer number of words, it is better to compare the prices of the diverse platform and to select the one which suggests various discounts or other bargains.
  • Additional demands. It may include such requirements as checking crucial facts, formatting process, or citations of famous authors. Anyhow, implementation of them in academic papers calls for an extra payment. Please take all the above to calculate the final price for your project.

Below, please be invited to investigate the prices of the top 5 editing and proofreading services:

Comparison of prices (1000 words with a week turnaround)

  • Editorly - $23
  • PaperHelp - $52
  • GradeMiners - $37
  • Studdit - 56$
  • Finest Essay - $26

What customer service do proofreading and editing online platforms present?

Yes, such service is possible within the whole working process. For instance, you select one of the proposed editors from the authors' list, taking into account the corresponding average score of other customers' feedback. This score will tell as far as you can trust the chosen editor. During editing or proofreading, the author commonly sends you info about the project's status.

If there is a delay with the comments from the writer or you don't like suggestions, you are always free to request compensation. Most platforms are prepared for such kinds of situations, and the customer support team of each service does everything to leave a superior impression about their service. It includes either a full refund or a costless revision again by another author.

Anyhow, leave your worries. All writers, editors, and proofreaders are well-qualified with proper certification. Every writer delivers detailed comments on their actions, so you can rely on outstanding client assistance. The more time you will allow committing to the corrector, the more reasonable prices you will obtain. If it is crucial to meet deadlines for a college essay or dissertation, please be aware of personalizing your relationship with the editor and proofreader.

Does essay writing vary from its editing?

In some particular cases, to save costs and time, it is an excellent option to order essay writing on one of the corresponding services instead of writing by yourself and then sending it to an editor and proofreader. It means that most editing and proofreading services supply writing services also, including prompt orders.

For instance, at the time of the disposal and valuation of your project on the proofreading and editing platform, you are free to pick the essential option – writing or editing. You can gain a bonus – free revisions – when you call for essay writing. All written text is subject to the proofreading process with proper payment, including editing work provided by an online editing service.

What makes editing and proofreading services trustworthy?

It doesn't matter what academic level your documents have – college essay, dissertation, or personal document – you can always count on top-grade content and delivery on schedule. High-skilled experts will do their best to provide outstanding service. They will monitor the corresponding text; they will correct punctuation and grammar errors. You can look through positive feedback from satisfied customers in order to select the appropriate alternative.


How much time do the proofreader and editor need to check your academic paper?

Authors do their best to check the whole document as soon as possible. Meantime, the more you give time to the editor and proofreader, the more opportunity that you receive a high-quality paper. A day is not enough for works with 10 000 words, so it is the best fit to offer the author plenty of time.

You can discuss all details with him at the online platform suitable to your needs. Surely, you can always count on the team, essays will always be checked urgently. Please bear in mind that it could require additional costs, no free revisions. If you desire to avoid them, please place your order in advance. The most rapid time you can expect is just 60 minutes. We have mentioned above what editing and proofreading service is able to arrange it.

How much should I pay for proofreading and editing?

The total price will always be different, as services take into account the quantity of words, type of academic work, deadline and complexity of the task.

The average price for such a service starts from 5 dollars per 100 words. The final calculation should take into account the above-mentioned factors and comments/details from an author you have business with. It is better to clarify before you place your order.

Such simple academic papers as essays demand less consumed time and commonly require no significant investments. Nevertheless, top-grade editing and proofreading services are always prepared to offer fruitful discounts. If you are a loyal customer of one of them, you can rely on personalization and boost your discount by a few percent more.

You are free to make a comparison of superior online services on the market. Maybe, you would like to place the same academic paper on two platforms and see the outcome. Please take into account that proofreaders and editors with a perfect score certified and have plenty of positive feedback will charge you more than other ones. And you have to pay additionally if your term is an urgent case.

Do professional editors have a legitimate base to work for such kinds of services?

Please be guaranteed that purchase of an essay through editing and proofreading services is a fully legal case. It depends on the student and how the client (student) uses his academic paper. Commonly, after corrections and corresponding payments are made to the high-skilled professional, the student is the only owner of the academic work.

The other side of the coin is the attitude of academic institutions to such services. Some of them may not allow you to appeal to editing or proofreading professionals sincerely, considering that an essay is artwork that has to be done absolutely 100% by its artist.

If you don't have strict rules for editing essays or other academic papers, please do not hesitate to contact experienced service, particularly considering the long term of their work on the market. Ten years are enough for a professional career, including legal aspects. Just be confident in the list of requirements for your either college essay or dissertation in order to achieve an outstanding outcome in the end.

Is it possible to revise an academic paper promptly?

The best way to define how urgently the editor or proofreader can do the checking is to describe all details relating to your work on one of the online platforms. Firstly, please define what exactly you require – proofreading or editing or writing with proofreading.

For instance, Editorly is a well-known service with high-skilled professionals who are experienced in turning your essay or another academic paper into artwork.

Finest Essay is able to spend only one hour on essay editing. But that’s an exception. As a rule, it requires more time to take into account the terms and requirements of the academic document. Superior performance is always possible and considers what amount of funds you are ready to invest in future artwork. Urgent cases claim additional charges. After a comparison of all crucial details like prices including discounts and reviews from satisfied clients, you are able to pick a proper service suitable to your requirements.

What is the reason for appealing to editing and proofreading services?

To enhance overall academic performance, you can appeal to one of the famous platforms providing editing and proofreading services. They will edit your paper in the best way, particularly if you have a lack of time. Generally, such services are true assistants for students who desire to turn their essays into masterpieces taking into account the strict requirements of academic institutions.

It is great news that three of the above top platforms have an opportunity to do business with you round-the-clock. Please be free to send your requirements to PaperHelp, GradeMiners, and Studdit. They will properly examine these and provide their best performance in both directions – academic and personal utilization. Applying for a job might be a competitive and exhausting process, so why not ask for help?

You may turn to an editing professional if you are not confident about your writing. As soon as this writing content is prepared, ask for respective checking. Professional assistance could be beneficial in this case.

To sum up

It seems that picking up a suitable editing and proofreading service is complicated considering the diversity of the online market. That's why we tried to make the deepest review of the top five platforms which are prepared well to present their high-skilled professionals.

Before using one of above-mentioned services, take into account the level of academic paper, your budget, reviews left by content customers, terms for checking your document, and the volume of the text. Most platforms offer fruitful discounts, particularly if you turn into their loyal client.

It doesn't matter who you are – student or businessman – you can always count on professional assistance from editors or proofreaders. They are certified and qualified enough to do writing for you as well. Proofreading is included in the total price.

Great performance is guaranteed, so just select one of the services offered by online platforms and take that rock off your shoulders. You can save precious time hiring an editor or proofreader. We all have a lack of time. If you can't devote time to essay editing, experts with appropriate certificates will do it for you.

Cooperation with different clients facilitates the execution of a task. Proofreader commonly requires 4 hours to get the job done. Some of them have the possibility to do it within one hour. But it will increase the cost.

While you are selecting from top-grade essay writing services, please look carefully at Editorly. It is the most affordable and quickest editing and proofreading online platform from the above-mentioned services.