9 Best Doctor Dating Sites - Find A Successful Partner

The dating world can be tough — I mean, really tough, especially if you’re a professional looking for a like-minded companion. We want to help you find a successful partner, so we’ve put together the 7 best doctor dating sites across the web. As it happens, 22% of married couples in the United States meet at work.

With such a large portion of us finding the loves of our life in our work world, it doesn’t hurt to still be selective. Alternatively, maybe you just enjoy being around professionals, both in a platonic and intimate setting. It makes sense you’d want to find someone like a doctor or other medical professional to help suit your tastes. After all, doctors are hardworking, smart, respectable, and — we’ll just say it — they’re not often hurting for money. If you’re looking to date a doctor, especially as a doctor yourself, this may be a sign. Let’s dive into our comprehensive guide on the best doctor dating sites.

Top Sites For Doctor Dating At a Glance:

eHarmony - Most Singles To Choose From

EliteSingles - Most Professionals From All Professions

Seeking - Best Option For Low-Pressure Dating

AdultFriendFinder - Largest open-minded community

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Quick Tips for Dating a Doctor

  • An estimated 62% of physicians in the US work 40 to 60 hours each week. 10% work 71+ hours in a typical week. Even medical students will be spending a massive chunk of their week being busy. Be prepared to be understanding and flexible.
  • Are you often the one who makes the plans in a relationship? You’re in luck, if so. Doctors rely on their partners to be the planner of their day-to-day life outside of work. This isn’t every doctor, of course. So, if you’re a doctor that likes to make plans, that’s all the better.
  • Patience is a must. Honestly, patience should be a must for any relationship. This goes especially when it’s a relationship with someone in a professional career like a doctor, though. Open communication, honesty, and pure patience are necessary for your relationship to thrive and be successful.

Are Doctors Popular on Dating Sites?

Well — yes. They’re doctors. They have high esteem in what they do, typically financial stability, and a good head on their shoulders. If you’re a doctor, you’re considered a pretty great pick! Doctors are one of the most desirable dating groups out there.

Naturally, someone single would gravitate towards a doctor or other professional. So, yes, doctors are popular on dating sites. If you’re looking for a doctor as a doctor yourself, you two may very well both be in high demand on the platform you choose.

What Do Doctors Like to Do on Dates?

This is a harder question to answer. Every person is different. Having a career as a doctor doesn’t guarantee you’ll have other similarities with fellow doctors.

However, most doctors generally value their free time — especially because they may not get a lot of it. They often want to use the rare hours they get when they’re not at work simply relaxing and spending time with their loved ones.

Doctors may not want to adventure out or do elaborate sorts of dates. Some might even be more introverted and would much rather Netflix and chill than go out.

The best option is to plan a date that revolves around food. With their erratic schedule, it’s also important to make these plans flexible. You never know if you or they will have to change or cancel something last-minute.

In reality, keep in mind it may not be the easiest to schedule a date with a doctor. If you’re a doctor yourself, you’re already well aware of this unfortunate fact. It’ll be important for you to make the time you do get to spend with them that much more important.

9 Best Doctor Dating Sites

Now, it’s time for the big reveal. What are the best doctor dating sites? Let’s take a closer look at the best doctor dating sites available on the web.


Not your typical dating site, Seeking — formerly known as Seeking Arrangements — certainly still deserves a mention. While many may use it for a sugar daddy/sugar baby dynamic, professionals can use it to find their doctor match, too.

Why? Seeking may have the most extensive search functions out of any dating platform. In terms of search functions, it’s the easiest way to find users that match your intentions and interests. You get a massive array of options and filters to use. The platform goes a long way to put the control of finding your ideal match into the user’s hands.

So, if you’re a doctor looking for a fellow doctor, that power is in your hands on Seeking. Finding a like-minded individual is easy. All you have to do is ensure your profile is fully transparent about what you’re looking for. It may take some time, but the right person (or people) will come along.


While Seeking is perfect for those that want the control in their hands, eHarmony offers the complete opposite on that spectrum.

eHarmony isn’t 100% free, but it does have a wild array of perks. One of the very first online dating platforms, you might even recall eHarmony commercials from back in the day. While it isn’t completely free, you did get a variety of perks even with a free account.

The platform has been live since 2000, so it’s had over two decades of growth and development. Now, the site estimates that eHarmony relationships may account for up to 2% of all marriages in the United States.

There’s also a pretty fair mix of women to men; the gender ratio is approximately 48% men to 52% women. Over 4.1 million people visit the platform each month.

Initially, eHarmony was strictly for heterosexual individuals. It took until 2019 for the platform to redirect their LGBTQ site to eHarmony directly. Since then, however, LGBTQ users have grown 109% each year. They now aim for inclusivity, making it a safe platform for all.

When you first sign up, you’ll be given an in-depth questionnaire to fill out. Your answers will generate in-house compatibility assessments. These are largely based on your dating temperament, values, and overall goals. The platform has been using an intelligent algorithm to find couples with the greatest long-term potential, so they’re doing something right.

With a free account, you can view profiles, though pictures will be blurred. Unless you subscribe, you’ll have limited free communication with other singles. In total, eHarmony is one of the best doctor dating sites, because it’s so good at finding your true potential match.


EliteSingles is a platform that’s name is self-explanatory. This is a dating site for busy, single professionals who are searching for their ideal match. Ideal for serious relationships, most of the users on the site are looking for a real commitment.

This makes up over 90% of the members on the platform. It also helps that over 80% of members on EliteSingles have earned a college degree.

A top-tier dating resource for a doctor looking for a like-minded single, EliteSingles might be your new go-to. When you sign up, you’ll be given an in-depth personality test. The dating site will then use that info to recommend you a daily max of 7 matches.

You can browse profiles for free, though; the matches are merely suggestions. A kind of in-between eHarmony and Seeking’s two extremes, EliteSingles is one of the best doctor dating sites.


This is a platform for truly successful people. Once you’ve reached a certain level of success, it makes sense you may only want to see people with that same level of success or greater. It can be downright hard for you to find someone interested in you and fully trust that they’re not interested instead in what you have.

Perfect for attractive singles and those that make over $200k/year, MillionaireMatch has been serving the public since 2001. Are you successful? Do you want to date someone successful? The platform has been accommodating doctors, CEOs, lawyers, investors, pro athletes, entrepreneurs, and even Hollywood celebrities for about two decades now.

There are over 4.9 million singles on MillionaireMatch. While some may not be saying their true intention, almost the entirety of the site is members looking for serious relationships and even marriage. There are over 2 million conversations on the dating site each month.


For the impatient, for the ones sick of filling out detailed questionnaires, AdultFriendFinder may be right up your alley. More of a casual platform than the ones we’ve mentioned so far, the site is very heavy on the sexual side. If you’re on the search for it, it’s a great platform to find open-minded individuals.

If you’re a doctor or other professional looking for someone more like-minded, it may just take a bit longer to find your match. However, compared to EliteSingles or eHarmony, the amount of members is exponential.

For reference, there are over 90 million members. 54% of that traffic comes from the United States, with the rest coming from Canada and the UK.

So, it’s certainly a large and in charge dating site to join. Registering takes about a whopping 30 seconds. All they require is essentially your email, a password, a username, and your intro. The bio and picture are even optional, though they do certainly help you find interested parties.

Unlike other sites, you can reach out to others almost instantly. And once you get into the algorithm, you’ll start getting matches fairly quickly, too.


An interesting option for the list, JDate is 100% worth it for Jewish singles. There are many doctors and other professionals that practice Judaism, so it’s not a far leap to consider JDate one of the best doctor dating sites. Not meant at all for casual hookups or flings, it’s the perfect site for those looking for something more serious.

The potential to find a match that may be your lifemate is ripe with JDate. Especially when you involve your career and religion, you’re more likely to find someone that meshes well with your core ideals. After all, trying to find someone that matches every interest, even down to your religion, may not be the easiest task on other sites if that’s what you’re really in search of.

Plenty of Fish

Perfect for more frugal doctors and other professionals reading this guide, Plenty of Fish is a dating site for singles that don’t want to dip too far into their wallets to make a connection. You can chat, date, and match on POF among a global community.

More specifically, it’s a Canadian online dating service that’s most popular in Canada, the United States, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, Spain, and New Zealand. Available in 9 different languages, they try to be the best when it comes to inclusivity.

If you’re a doctor looking for a fellow doctor or equivalent professional, Plenty of Fish might be an option to look into. The profiles are incredibly detailed and members seem to be pretty active. For many singles looking for long-term relationships, they find a lot of advantages with POF. However, the communication features are lacking compared to some of the other best dating sites on our list.

2 Bonus Best Doctor Dating Sites

We’ve mentioned some of the most popular doctor dating sites online. Now, we have some bonus platforms for you to look through, too. These are doctor-specific sites, so they’re perfect if you’re a medical professional yourself.

Miss Doctor

A member-only platform, Miss Doctor is a go-to dating site for well-educated black women, though it’s an excellent site for all professionals. Female members must be physicians, physicians in training, doctors, women with a Ph.D. or non-professional doctorate, and LGBT doctors seeking other LGBT women doctors. They also consider women with Physician assistants, Nurse Practitioners, or Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) master’s level degrees.

In contrast, male suitors must have a minimum Bachelor’s degree. They can be physicians, physicians in training, doctors, lawyers, or those in school for either, and other doctoral or master’s level professionals. If they have no Bachelor’s degree, their profession, income, and other factors may still allow them to join. Likewise, they vet other males at their discretion.

For the ladies that are professionals, it’s a dating service that’s finally catered to you. You’ll only meet quality men and have to spend less time and energy finding a partner. Finally, you can find a like-minded single that’s comfortable dating a woman that’s busy, successful, and highly educated.


Another niche dating platform, UniformDating is perfect for men and women that are in uniform — exactly as the name implies. This includes doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, so you get to choose among your fellow people.

Something unique about the site is that they offer auto-generated icebreakers based on your profession. Sure, they’re incredibly cheesy. But they also start your conversation off lighthearted and gentle, which is an excellent approach for most singles. Seriously, who doesn’t love a good pun? They’ve united single professionals since 2004, so they’re doing something correctly.

Wrapping Up

We’re glad we could show you some of the best dating sites to use for finding a doctor. Whether you’re a doctor yourself or just looking for a like-minded professional, these sites are your best bet. Everyone is different, which is why we showed you a variety so that you can choose yourself.

Dating a doctor can be challenging. If you’re a doctor or medical professional, you’re already well aware.

Join one of the best doctor dating sites to get started on finding the love of your life. These platforms offer excellent networks that give you direct access to single doctors in your area — or all around the world! You can find someone that matches your exact lifestyle and embark on a lifelong adventure together.