Alive Weight Loss Reviews (Scam or Legit) TryAlive Diet Pills Worth It?

Alive weight loss is the latest addition to the fat burner supplements’ list that can help users gain their dream bodies in a natural and safe manner. According to its official website (, Alive weight loss supplement uses its powerful natural ingredients like guarana, caffeine, and green coffee extract to work on melting fat within weeks. The ingredients inside these pills are obtained from organic plant-based sources, making them a potentially safe supplement to be used on a long-term basis.

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Why is it so hard to lose weight? This question comes to every person's mind who is above a healthy weight and struggling to lose it. Apart from obvious reasons such as love for food, no time for exercise, and a busy routine, there are many other reasons that contribute to unhealthy weight gain.

The biggest of these reasons is the unavailability of a support system, making a person lose interest in no time. The inspiration for weight loss can come from a person, a dress you like, any upcoming event, celebrity idols, vacation plans, or anything. But most people lack any support that may help them achieve their target weight. 

For such people, the weight loss journey becomes frustrating, and many times, they don’t see any results for weeks. But an ideal type of support would make weight loss easy and this entire process less frustrating. Alive weight loss supplement can be the go-to support system for all these people that can not only improve the weight loss outcomes but also keep users motivated to stay on the weight loss track. 


As stated by TryAlive, Alive is a metabolic booster that works by increasing the number of calories burnt by the body every day. Meanwhile, it can also elevate the energy levels, keeping the body active and energetic all day, without any feeling of weakness that is otherwise common when you are trying to lose weight. 


How does Alive weight loss really work? What ingredients does it use and how can you enjoy discounts on this dietary supplement? Find out everything inside this Alive weight loss review today.  

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Alive Weight Loss Review - What Is This Weight Loss Supplement?

Alive is a dietary formula designed to make weight loss easy for a person. Exclusively sold online at, it is a fine blend of herbal ingredients like green tea extract, guarana, fenugreek, capsaicin, etc., all of which have proven weight loss benefits. 


The Alive supplement helps everyone irrespective of sexual orientation and age. There are no hormones added to it, and it is least likely to affect the sex hormones too. However, a fair usage policy applies to its users that makes it unsuitable for anyone below 18 years of age.  


No matter how much weight you want to lose, Alive diet pills can likely make it easy for you. Just take two pills every morning with or before breakfast and let it do the rest. The effects of its ingredients are expected to last for the entire day, inducing a natural weight loss, with no compromise on energy or mood.

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Alive Weight Loss Supplement - Key Features and Benefits

According to, these dietary pills possess the following effects on the body.

- Supports an effortless weight loss
- Improves dopamine production and levels
- Curbs hunger and protects from unhealthy eating
- Makes weight loss easier no matter how much weight you need to lose
- Takes only 5 seconds every morning
- Unaffected with your daily routine, traveling, and schedule

In a way, the Alive weight loss supplement can be regarded as not just a fat burning pill but a complete health booster that can improve the physical and mental health of the user. However, keep in mind that its exact benefits and results may vary from one user to another based on individual features. Reviews - How Does Alive Really Work For Weight Loss? mentions that there are two goals of Alive diet pills:

- Burn glucose and generate energy
- Improve dopamine response

Ingredients like caffeine, guarana, green tea extract, African mango, TeaCrine, fenugreek, and capsaicin have one thing in common that all of them are natural metabolic boosters. Caffeine and TeaCrine are stimulants behind the energy-boosting abilities of this supplement, whereas other ingredients speed up metabolism by removing toxins, inflammation, free radicals, and waste materials that otherwise make it hard to lose weight. 


Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is secreted by the brain to improve communication within the body. It is the reason why you feel mood swings, pain, stress, and anxiety during weight loss. The natural ingredients inside Alive pills maintain dopamine and serotonin levels, saving the body from weight loss fatigue and stress that is otherwise common. For those who don’t know, this fatigue is the biggest reason people quit their weight loss journey in the middle and are unable to lose weight. 


So, it can be said that all Alive ingredients work synergistically on both the physical and psychological sides of weight loss. This is the emotional support that everyone needs to reach their target weight. Though you may lose weight without this emotional support, it requires a higher level of motivation and enthusiasm that most obese people lack. 


That being said, the company has clearly mentioned how there are no chemicals, hormones, fillers, or toxins inside the Alive weight loss formula. Hence its chances to go wrong or trigger unwanted effects are minimal. You may never believe its effects unless you have seen them by yourself. No matter what your current weight, Alive pills are expected to bring real-time weight loss benefits by yourself.


Every capsule contains a sufficient amount of its ingredients, and the daily dosage recommendation is two capsules per day. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, these pills can trigger a natural fat-burning mode inside, allowing you to utilize all the available glucose for energy production. When there is no extra glucose left, the chances of gaining weight reduce to zero.


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Who Should Ideally Take Alive Weight Loss Pills?

The Alive weight loss supplement is suitable for anyone interested in losing weight with the least effort. The company states that it is safe for everyone, no matter what the age is, but it obviously excludes children and teenagers. What they mean is that Alive works for people with different health statuses, professional roles, routines, and dietary preferences. 


Besides, plants have been used for centuries for their healing benefits, and there is no lie that they can make weight loss easy for a person. It’s just that people don’t know which plant extracts they need and what is an ideal value for them. The safety concerns also remain there, and it is necessary to find a safe dosage if one has to use them every day. The company behind Alive pills has made all of this easier as you don’t have to hunt plants, make extracts or design a daily dose when you can take these pre-made capsules without any hassle. 


So everyone who is over 18 years of age and feels that he should lose some pounds can try Alive diet pills. It excludes pregnant and breastfeeding women, older adults with medical conditions, and people with metabolic disorders. If you aren’t sure about consuming a dietary supplement, the best is to contact a doctor and follow his advice. 


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Directions To Use Alive Weight Loss Pills

Alive comes in an easy-to-use capsule form packed inside a premium plastic bottle. There are 60 capsules in every pack and you are required to take two capsules with a glass of water before or during breakfast. These capsules contain caffeine and TeaCrine, both of which are stimulants. Thus, it is better to limit your caffeine intake while using these pills or you may feel jitters or hypersensitivity throughout the day. 


Never take Alive pills in the afternoon or evening. The stimulants inside its capsules would cause sleeping difficulties and may lead to insomnia. 


Evaluating Alive Ingredients For Their Weight Loss Benefits

Ingredients can help understand any product, its function, and efficacy which is why health experts advise reading labels, especially before buying any health-related product. Mentioned below are some of the key Alive weight loss Ingredients included in every single capsule to help users trigger fat burning and rapid weight loss.

- Fenugreek: There is plenty of evidence suggesting how fenugreek can improve metabolic health even when a person follows a high-fat diet. At first, it seems like the primary reason to add it to the Alive ingredients list, but there is much more to know. Many other studies confirm that fenugreek reduces blood sugar, improves hormonal health, and controls cholesterol levels. Its metabolic effects include relieving inflammation that makes it hard to digest food, thus maintaining a healthy body weight.

- Capsaicin: This ingredient is often added to many diet pills formula for its role in weight loss. Capsaicin is a natural thermogenic ingredient that increases the fat burning process, especially in stubborn fat areas. It can relieve pain and inflammation and save from the sugar rush, especially in diabetic patients. Some studies also highlight its role in preventing digestive issues, including nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea.

- African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis): This Alive ingredient helps control fat absorption and utilization by improving the insulin response and lipid profile. It is loaded with ingredients like B vitamins, iron, riboflavin, calcium, and fatty acids that help maintain a healthy cholesterol and glucose profile in the body.

Green Tea Extract: This ingredient needs no background information or validation for its benefits. By far, it is the most researched weight loss ingredient, and there are hundreds of studies confirming its anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and metabolic boosting effects. Hence, its addition to the Alive pills is extremely valuable and beneficial.

- TeaCrine: This is a stimulant obtained from plant sources. It works just like caffeine to increase stamina and strength while the body loses weight.

- Caffeine: The last ingredient in the Alive ingredients list is caffeine obtained from green coffee plants and guarana. It helps speed up metabolism, improve cognition, and add substantial energy to the body, making it ready for the day. 

Is Alive Weight Loss Supplement Scam or Legit?

Many of the Alive weight loss customer reviews present it as a solution for stubborn body fat. In the light of these reviews, the following are some reasons why you can consider trying out these pills for yourself.

- All other weight loss supplements only focus on the physical issues in weight loss and completely ignore the psychological factor, which directly governs a person’s weight loss efforts. On the other hand, Alive ingredients also work on the brain, making it easy for the body to go through this weight loss phase.

- Alive pills help maintain healthy dopamine and serotonin levels to aid users to keep a positive attitude throughout the weight loss journey. Hence, the users are unlikely to feel any bad mood swings, anger, or agitation while losing weight.

- The supplement can save the body from overeating by inducing a mindful eating response. As a result, users are able to pick healthy food over junk food and this practice speeds up weight loss results even more.

- It targets to maintain a natural calm and relaxation that is much needed during weight loss. Usually, the body starts to freak out when you stop eating junk food altogether. But Alive ingredients tend to preserve the calmness, saving the body from anxiety and stress that is common while losing weight.

- The weight loss results can be accelerated when you start using Alive pills. As a result, you stop thinking about new products, surgeries, and other weight loss procedures and save yourself from mental trouble and time wastage.

- All the ingredients inside Alive weight loss pills have proven health benefits, especially in boosting metabolism, anxiety relief, detoxification, and immunity improvements. This can ultimately reduce the chances of side effects that are otherwise common when you use synthetic weight loss supplements.

- Alive weight loss is as effortless as anything. It only takes five seconds every morning to take two pills with a glass of water. Having a busy routine and no time to go out or plan a weight loss can no longer be an excuse when you take these pills every morning.  

- There are no dietary and lifestyle changes required to avail of the benefits of the Alive supplement. These ingredients continue to work anyways, but if you switch to a healthy diet and a moderately active lifestyle, the result can speed up and show within a couple of months.

- There are no short or long-term Alive side effects, and you can use it for as long as you want. All ingredients inside are non-habit forming, and the risk of addiction or withdrawal with this supplement is zero.

Where To Buy Alive Weight Loss Supplement? Price and Refund Policy

Visit today to purchase your bottle and avail door-step delivery. 

The price of one bottle is $69 only, and it is enough for the whole month. If you want to use it for a longer term or share it with your friends or families, consider buying the bundle packs and save more money. 

Here is the pricing breakdown for this supplement; 

- Get One Bottle of Alive Weight Loss Supplement (30 Day Supply) for $69.00 Plus Shipping Charges ($4.99)
- Get Three Bottle of Alive (90 Day Supply) for $59.00 Plus Free Shipping
- Get Six Bottle of Alive (190 Day Supply) for $49.00 Plus Free Shipping accepts online payments only and also offers delivery services. All U.S .orders would take 5-7 days for delivery, whereas the international orders (and Alaska, Hawaii) would take 10-14 business days depending upon the custom rules. 


You have two options; buy one bottle, use it for a few days and then decide about buying more, or buy Alive pills in bulk. Though the first option sounds better, the problem is that Alive is high in demand, so whenever its stock is available, it sells out within days. After a month, when you are convinced to use it further, it might not be available. This way, you would have to wait for three to six months to get your hands on it next time. So, save yourself from all this trouble and buy Alive pills in bulk. 

TryAlive Refund Policy

If you are worried about losing your money on an online product, the refund policy is here to meet your concern. The company is offering a 60-day money-back offer on all orders of Alive pills. Under this offer, every user can get a refund of his money spent on buying this product if he isn’t happy with the results. The company asks no questions, and the refund process is smooth and easy. 


This two-month period is enough to see the benefits of Alive weight loss pills and decide about using them for a longer time. Remember, the company only accepts refund requests from orders made through the official website. If you happen to buy it from any other source unfortunately, you don’t have the right to ask for a refund. 


There is no deduction fee on refunds, but you might have to send the used or unused bottles back to the company and bear the charges for this return parcel. All the refund requests have to be made within this 60 day time starting from the day of purchase. If you are late to file a refund, the company will straight away refuse your request. 


TryAlive advises adding a handwritten/printed note with the return parcel, along with the following information.

- Order ID number
- Shipping name and address
- Contact information
- Original packing slip

The address to send this return parcel is 6000 Pardee, Taylor, Michigan 48180, USA.

For more details on the product, returns and orders, contact the customer support line at:

- Phone- 1-800-390-6035 (US Customers)
- Phone +1-208-345-4245 (International Customers)

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About the Creator of Alive Weight Loss Pills

Alive weight loss supplement is a USA-made product manufactured in a GMP-certified and FDA-approved facility. The company ensures that its manufacturing standards are as per the highest quality standards that are followed in all facilities operating across the United States.

Beyond that, there is not much information about who has created it, where its ingredients are taken from, and any medical experts behind its formulation. But this doesn’t mean Alive is not trustworthy. The company has listed its physical address and contact details online. You can see the company headquarters by yourself if you live nearby or contact it to know about its authenticity. 


Alive Reviews - The Final Word

Going through all the details available on the Alive weight loss supplement, it seems like a potential support system for your weight loss journey. Its natural ingredients can make weight loss less tiring and burdening for the body and help maintain a good mood throughout this phase. It claims to improve dopamine and serotonin production, ensuring that the user doesn’t get into emotional eating or experience unavoidable food cravings that may disrupt his weight loss efforts.

The price seems reasonable, and the company is offering a 60-day refund offer on all orders, under which you can get your money back if you are not happy with its results. Don’t think anymore, and start your weight loss journey with Alive weight loss pills today. 

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