California Psychics: Safe or SCAM Psychic Reading Site?

California Psychics Review: testing the best California Psychics to See How Accurate they are, California Psychics are amongst the few online psychic interpretations platforms that render accurate and the most trustworthy psychic reading online. They have been active in this industry since the year 1995 has been furnishing top-class readings to its users by offering a marvelous compilation of the most cultured and proficient psychic experts in the whole wide world that holds surpassing psychic aptitudes. A person can reach out to their desired psychic experts at whatever time they wish.

California Psychics always make sure that the readings provided by their experts are the most authentic one that any person can get.

Specials Available:

- $1/ Minute for New Customers

- 5 Free Minutes (CODE:"ADD5") + 80% Off

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This is the most economical and meagre rate any person can get for such exemplary readings on the web or for California psychics phone or chat accurate psychics readings.

California Psychics is one of a few places furnishing the most expert call and chat psychics reading. The interpreters at California Psychics assist their patrons with all their life decisions by acquainting them with the glimpses of their past, present and the future and making them discern the real motive of their life. To accommodate a person with the most detailed reading, the readers make use of different psychic reading devices like tarot cards, tea leaves, crystals and many more. A user can choose from the three stages of pricing namely popular, preferred and premium and the rates can vary from $1 to $4 depending upon the level a person chooses. While the higher prices definitely indicate the most expert readings, the economical rates are not a manifestation of the less-skilled interpreter as all the psychics at California Psychics undergo a canonical selection procedure to confirm their aptitudes and talents to get associated with this platform.

What We Like About California Psychics?

• Acclaimed psychic interface with readers practicing in diverse psychic disciplines
• Every expert at this platform is expected to undergo a precise vetting method.
• Psychic Interpretations are attainable over live chat or a phone call
• Economical readings with amazing introductory prices
• There is an option of karma rewards that enable people to earn free psychic reading credit points
• Copious sort of interpretations and methods of psychic reading online
• California Psychics present full money-back assurance is any user is discontent with their assistance

What We Didn't Like About California Psychics?

• There are only 150 psychic readers available on this website
• There is no option for a video call.
• Even for a free psychic reading trial, the person requires to supply in their account details

Special offers

California online psychics are the most celebrated psychic interface which is the most fancied stop for a person who is querying exegeses to all notable aspects of life, including relations, business, love, wedding, trade, and prosperity.

There are a few amazing offers for all the initial time visitants that are:

• Psychic reading communication for just $1 for 1 min.
• A discount of 80% for all the first time reading selections.
• 5 Free Minutes Promo Code (CODE:"ADD5"), Bonus 5 free minutes for new clients.

Other than all these special offers, an individual can effortlessly receive a California psychics promo code on the web for getting additional discounts. There are still numerous incredible possibilities waiting for a person’s research, so it is advised that an individual should begin their hunt as quickly as feasible. A person must hold in their consciousness that these promo codes are exclusively available for a specified time and applicable for first-time patrons only.

California Psychics Overview

California Psychics is the most suitable psychic reading online platform that has served millions of individuals to obtain the most credible psychic readings and raise their self-esteem. There are numerous commendable psychics on this platform rendering assorted variety of psychic assistance and this is the sole objective why millions of people prefer California psychics over any other platform. California Psychics assure that their psychic readers deliver gratification to their clients. They further hold outstanding and most humble customer assistance, which works 24/7 throughout a year. This platform furnishes a completely confidential and non-judgmental psychic reading to its assistance. California Psychics deciphers the tales of the universe to interpret the mysterious phenonium which befalls in the lives of any person.

How to Get Started with California Psychics?

Managing and operating California online Psychics is not difficult at all. One can quickly sign to the website of California Psychics or download their mobile app for procuring psychic assistance. If a person necessitates urgent support and does not desire to sign up on the website, then, in that case, users can dial 1-866-552-3943. Immediately after calling on the number, a profoundly efficient patron assistance team will be at their assistance and will connect the individual with the appropriate psychic in accordance with their needs.

If at all an individual does not want the patron assistance team to pick a psychic for them, then in that circumstance, the person can have a peek at the table of psychics reachable on the California Psychics website or read California psychics reviews of other patrons and pick a favored psychic. For the most effortless use of California Psychics, it is important to understand the procedure and steps of signing up. The process is extremely simple and just requires some user data.

• The initial sign-up step requires clients to add their personal details like name, email id, birth date etc.
• After filling in all the details, the users will automatically get signed up for the readings that are priced at $1 per minute.
• In the third step, a user needs to give out their PayPal details to make payment of the readings.
• After setting up the PayPal account, the procedure of sign-up is complete and the user can start receiving a psychic reading online by choosing their favored psychic.

The challenge normally arises in the second step where the order for the interpretation is automatically designated to a psychic. However, once the sign-up process is completed, the patron can choose their favored reader and adjust the payment level.

Various Psychic Readings Available at California Psychics

California Psychics does not extend merely a particular sort of psychic reading assistance. The readers at California Psychics are skilled to render people with all distinct kinds of assistance to help people to resolve all their life questions and make the most of their lives. Some important kinds of readings exhibited at California Psychics are stated under:

Marriage and Love Related Psychic Readings

The most burning issue of every person's life is love and marriage. Hence, if a person is stuck at any matter of their love life, they can receive the relation and love psychics readings at California Psychics. A person can choose from copious psychic readers on this website who are expert in dealing with all their heart-related matters. While there are numerous love psychic readers, clients can make utilization of the filtering method on the search bar to make sequestered elections.

Other than this, a person can also have a glance at the California psychics reviews and evaluations of the previous patrons along with the psychic's availability and pricing to obtain the perfect love and relationship interpretation as it is a well-known fact that not every psychic is the same and neither is their psychic reading capabilities.

Business Related Psychic Readings

Right after love and relationship readings, another most popular form of psychic reading at California Psychics is profession related readings. If any person is seeking to receive advice related to their occupation, then they can choose readers who are specialized in rendering these kinds of readings. However, there are not many readers who provide occupation-related readings but still, there is a decent amount of reader's people can select from. In this section, the readers hold years of expertise in offering profession readings. A person can certainly discover popular and leading psychic readers for all their concourse.

Finance Related Psychic Readings

These finance-related readings are also widely known as money or investment readings. These kinds of psychic readings will give supervision to users in all their finance and money related matters. Aloof from love and relationships, money and finances are also considered as dubious matters. Entreating an accomplished psychic can present an individual with distinct specifications in sustaining their earnings and livelihood. One can receive a substantial finance-related description from authentic psychics at reasonable rates at California Psychics. They will additionally provide individuals with more intense insight into their profession too because these two issues are intimately connected.

Life Path Psychic Readings

There are many people who are looking for some insight into their past, present or future life. All this quest of a person can be resolved under the life path readings presented by California Psychics. These kinds of readings can make people understand the real meaning of life. The expert psychics reader will focus on one’s destiny and present illuminating supervision that encourages them to drive ahead positively.

To enhance their job, most of the interpreters with this specialization will take the support of religious accessories like online tarot reading, tea leaves, numerology, oscillators, and crystals.

Other Kinds Of Psychic Readings

Apart from all the basic kinds of psychic readings mentioned above, people can also receive some other kind of assistance as well that people might need at a certain point in time. One can also interact with a pet psychic on California Psychics if they require a more intense association with their pet. Pet readings are one of the latest and brand new readings that are not available on any other platform other than California Psychics. Apart from pet readings, people can receive acumens regarding anterior lives on a profound level.

This site holds more than 8- psychic readers who are expert in rendering all distinct kinds of psychic readings and hold a minimum of 4.5-star rating out of 5 so a person can bequeath all their equivocation behind and reach out to them today.

Ultimate but the most important is the type of reading that helps people in recovering lost objects and even lost individuals. California Psychics holds a few readers that possess expertise in this field which is hardly detected at other psychic reading online platforms.

Most Expert Psychics Available At California Psychics

While every psychic’s expert associated with California Psychics is a specialist in their own distinct fields. However, there are a few psychics that are placed on a higher level due to their exceptional abilities and eternities of expertise. Discussed under are a few of the impressive psychic specialists at California Psychics with a high star grade.


Ciarra is amongst the most celebrated and experienced psychic specialists to connect with California Psychics. She owns the expertise of more than a decade and bestowed thousands of readings to her clients. The interpretations proffered by Ciarra equips people with the compassion, enlightenment and positive vibes that will further lead them towards leading a happy life. The per-minute rate which Ciarra charges for her readings is $13. The price itself indicates that Ciarra is the most beloved and proficient psychic reader who is a specialist in rendering all discrete sorts of psychic interpretations.


Another most successful psychic reader serving people with the most exceptional assistance at California Psychics is Brandon. He began his career in psychic readings when he was a teenager and now he holds over 2 decades of experience serving in this field. His patrons universally appreciate Brandon for remitting profession and occupation-related readings with the employment of tarot reading which is his favorite tool to use while rendering the psychic assistance. The price which Brandon charges for his service is $13 for 1 minute. Apart from profession and occupation, Brandon is equally efficient in presenting readings on all the matters of life to assist people in ascertaining how to proceed forth in the journey of life.

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Cooper is yet another and the most phenomenal psychic reading expert rendering her services at California Psychics from the last 4 years. She is one of the few psychic experts on this platform who render amazing psychic readings at an affordable price range. The per-minute price charged by Cooper is just $2 for one-minute interaction. Cooper provides extremely compassionate readings on various topics like love and relationship, money or career and many more.


If one is looking for the most dependable readings correlated to life path, then they must perpetually choose Taylor. She is one of the most reputed psychic interpreters when it comes to life path and love psychics readings and has delivered over 20,000 successful readings since the year 2010. The per-minute price charged by Taylor is $13. She presents all the psychic readings with utmost concentration and helps people to get whatever they are seeking in their lives.

Free Trial At California Psychics

For all the first time users signing up for an account on California Psychics, this platform additionally includes an introductory offer which includes a low rate of $1 Per minute with any of the Popular psychics, the Popular psychics have gone through a specialized interview process to ensure that you can enjoy a confidential reading with a psychic who has proven abilities and strengths. On top of that users can enjoy from additional 5 minutes free of cost by using California psychics promo code: " add 5"

California Psychics never forces any person to continue ahead their psychic readings against their will. However, if a person wishes to continue their reading forward, they can easily choose their preferred psychics by glancing at the California Psychic reviews along with the payment range to receive the most exact psychic readings.

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Clients Reviews About California Psychics

So far the California psychics reviews are amazing. This outstanding psychic reading website has rendered more than five million psychic interpretations on the concerns related to relationship and love. California Psychics have further presented more than two million readings on occupation-related matters. As the number speaks for itself, individuals across the earth have admired and trusted this platform to provide them with guidance in their lives.

The specialists at California Psychics endure a definite vetting method to accommodate people with the most commendable assistance. Just 2 out of a number of psychics are picked. Apart from this, California Psychics also hold a transcendent patron assistance team that operates round the clock which makes it the most favored choice of people.

Psychic Reading Alternatives for California Psychics

Keen Psychics

Apart from California Psychics, Keen Psychics can also be a transcending choice to count on when it comes to selecting the most appropriate online psychic reading sites. The astonishing Keen Psychics has served an inestimable quantity of people regarding novel relationships and love guidance, solutions of life’s blazing issues, notable life ascertainments, business supervision, religious counsel, and various more in the last 30 years. inspired people to sail forth in their lives with the direction of their well-versed decisions and alternatives.

This Keen Psychic reading platform was established in the ’90s and it is still esteemed as one of the most trustworthy psychic reading sites that have completed more than 3.5 crore triumphant psychic readings till now. Keen Psychics further possesses a gathering of over 1,500 psychic professionals and specialists who come from disparate backgrounds worldwide with the broad choices to run with in terms of online psychics reading.

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Kasamba Psychics

Kasamba Psychics is yet another popular brand in the psychic reading world after California Psychics. This psychic reading platform possesses an extended assemblage of sound and most authentic psychic readers. The professionals are perfectly skillful to render administration on the problems of love and furnish users with a pearl of invaluable wisdom into their life.

These psychic experts further acquaint a person with what the destiny holds in its reserve for them. This site has accomplished to benefit more than 40 lakh individuals at present with its astounding psychic reading abilities. Kasamba Psychics reading platform takes the supreme watchfulness to employ their functional ability to aid clients in procuring genuine interpretations to their elaborateness's.

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Psychic Source

With hundreds of elated users, Psychic Source is another familiar and esteemed platform in the online psychic reading industry. This side holds an amazing repute in providing accurate profession readings. Apart from professional readings, the readers at psychic sources also provide all distinct kinds of readings on numerous subjects like love and relationship, investments, past life and many more.

The readers at psychic source are supplemented with unbelievable aptitudes that comprise of counselling, reassuring and directing clients with the most honest and well-defined readings through all their impassioned encounters. The experts at Psychic Source are fancied by copious clients for offering in-depth and comprehensive psychic readings on all the matters of life.

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Is California Psychics A Trusted Psychics Network?

California Psychic apprehends the perplexity that people hold during the time of their primary psychic encounter. However, the thorough and sweeping screening process at California Psychics will certainly provide people tranquility of spirit and a boost in their confidence. There is a misinterpretation that every person who holds extraordinary skill can work at California Psychics, although it is not true as only 2 candidates out of hundreds who apply are selected by undergoing a 4-step method in which they get questioned and tried to adjudge whether a psychic reader is outfitted enough.

California Psychics was established in the year 1995 and this amazing psychic reading platform has been in this industry for more than two decades now. California Psychics have performed exceptionally well in all these years and now people from the whole wide world consider it as the most reliable platform when they wish to receive a psychic reading.

Another reason that makes California Psychics the most reliable platform is the confidential policy that they hold. All the psychic readers working through California Psychics are obliged to keep the data and information of their clients secluded and confidential as they understand that there are many individuals out there who will be discussing stuff that would be highly intimate in nature and they tend to respect that privacy.

What Unique Features California Psychics Offers?

Although California Psychics readings platform holds a lot of unique features, one of the most transcendent amongst those is that this platform presents its special California psychics horoscope free to its patrons. This is what individuals relish every time while browsing their home page. Regular horoscopes granted by California Psychics are an engaging way to get a brief into their daily life. The daily horoscope forecasts can be employed as the guideline that holds individuals on their path, particularly during the challenging circumstances. Apprehending what is composed for their zodiac sign will further regain an individual’s inner strength positively.

What to Expect from California Psychics Readings Online?

A user while taking reading services from California Psychics must always keep one thing in their mind that they have made an absolutely right selection by choosing California Psychics. A person should only expect to receive the most accurate acumens as all the psychic readers associated with this platform are highly skilled and efficient. Apart from that, whenever a person begins the session, they must start with the most important question in their mind rather than asking numerous basic questions. Doing this will assist a psychic reader in channeling all their positive energy at a specific area at a time.

If at all a person needs a more generic life reading, then they can ask questions like, “What must I understand about my life right now?” The psychic will then apply their skills to attune into a person’s vitality field. They might also employ some particular prt California Psychics (prt stands for psychic resource tools that a reader employs for their readings) that will further assist them to solve all the questions of a person, as a supplement to their natural talents.

What Are the Payment Options at California Psychics?

Making a payment at California Psychics is extremely easy as they accept payments from all major debit and credit cards. A patron can further make payments of their readings via a PayPal account also.

How is California Psychics Different From Others?

There are many factors that make California Psychics stand out and shine brighter than other similar platforms. California Psychics is one of the most conventional and celebrated psychic platforms that is present on the web lately. This is all because of the extensive assortment of assistance they offer. The prime thing which sets them aloof from others is their outstanding patron assistance. Unlike most psychic reading sites, this assistance holds a support program that rewards recurring clients. They further possess a service of client assistance that can be obtainable around the clock. In addition to this, California Psychics also offer a full money-back promise which is the most amazing feature any platform can render.

Final Verdict

With all these numbers of amazing psychics, outstanding California Psychic reviews, affordable prices and a very precise screening method, there is no good reason to not hold a belief in California Psychics. However, the money-back guarantee can be only availed once by a customer but overall, a California Psychics reading is the most suitable selection when a person is looking for a call psychic. Not only the psychics at California Psychics extend popular sorts of readings, but they additionally present other distinctive and superlative readings. A person can also connect through phone call rather than having an online chat if they have a low reading budget.

The primary center of the California Psychics is to proliferate receptivity in the lives of its patrons. They present people with a way to clear their mind to pave the road for a more solid future. California Psychics further present clarifications to users based on their difficulties, and they grant a very significant rate of content for them. The absolute significance of evidence articulates about the efficacy of the platform, and the estimates speak for its notoriety. They equip their patrons with the most dependable psychics that carry out the readings of most private and secluded nature.