Best Penis Extender(2020/2021) Customer Review, Comparison and Results

You've probably heard that penis extenders can be really effective. They solve male problems such as small penis size or curvature of the penis, as well as erectile dysfunction or poor stamina during sex.

I'm sure that you have many questions about choosing a penis extender and how to use one. You want to know what real users say about them, and what results they have achieved using these devices.

As a medical journalist and a man like you, I decided to try five of the best penis extenders. I used each of them consecutively over a total period of 12 months.

After all, without trying them myself, how could I really understand which of them is best?

In this article, I will share my own experience: I took a photo, shot a video and wrote in detail about everything you might care about.

I ordered five penis enlargement devices from official sources. I easily managed to assemble and configure each one, study the instructions, and start my routine.

Believe me, it's much easier than you think, and it's also safe. I’ll prove it to you.

Why did I decide to use a penis extender?

My problem was small penis size and poor erection. The size of my penis has always been 13.5 cm. This is a very modest size for an adult man, and yes, it looks below average.

I couldn't relax while being naked in front of a woman. During sex, I could not satisfy my partner, and I knew that my penis was too small to reach the G-spot. On top of that, my erection could sometimes end quickly, which annoyed me and my partner terribly. Moreover, I started to have problems getting an erection against the background of insecurity about the size of my penis.

I urgently needed to look for a natural solution!

First, I will just say that over the year I used these extender devices, I was able to increase the size of my penis by 3.5 inches in length and about 1 inch in width. I did not have any side effects, my erection has become much stronger, I last longer during sex, and my libido is so much better now than it was before I began using penis extenders.

If you would like to enlarge your penis or correct its curvature, you're in luck—I will tell you how I managed to achieve permanent results, how much time it took, and how I chose the best extender for myself.

In my review, I don’t want to just compare the characteristics of penis enlargement devices, as others do. I want to explain the specific practical benefits I received as a user.


#1: Quick Extender Pro

Brief facts:

• Success rate
– 93%
• Prices - $119- $349
• Money-back – 180 days
• Benefits: up to 4000 g tension; Double Strap Support system; Memory • Comfort Pads
• Shipping: Free worldwide shipping
• Official purchase:

What is this extender?

This is a rod extender that uses a penis head attachment in the form of a silicone loop that is hidden under a comfort pad. I find it the best for penis enlargement. There is also a penis straightener version that is reinforced with extra springs (Peyronie’s and Curvature Package).

Why choose this penis stretching device?

Despite the fact that this is a classic technology, there is plenty of innovation in this device, namely the Double Strap Support (DSS). This enables you to be sure of the quality of the initial extender settings. It has the most powerful tension springs (up to 4000 grams) you can find elsewhere.

There are many accessories included in the premium package, including comfort memory pads, bars of different length, and additional silicone tubes. The Deluxe package(which I recommend to order) even comes with a penis pump. The device is lightweight and convenient to use.

It is easy to order from the official website, and it can be shipped quickly across the US and also worldwide for free. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Packages, price, and equipment

Value edition - 2500 g tension springs, limited accessories - $119.93. Order now
Standard - 3500 g tension springs, a variety of extension bars, 6 comfort pads, 6 silicone tubes + 6-month money back guarantee - $179.93. Order now
Deluxe - 4000 g force springs, wooden case, 12 silicone tubes, 12 comfort pads, extra accessories, lifetime warranty, medical grade comfort pads, penis pump - $349.93. Order now
Curvature&Peyronies Edition – 4000g springs; 6 foam pads; small, medium, large aluminum bars, 6 extra silicone tube; 1-year warranty; Free Vitamin-E supplements - $179.99. Order now

My general impressions

I highly recommend purchasing the Deluxe package, which contains the maximum number of accessories for comfort and fine-tuning your device. The package also includes a penis pump that can be used for a variety of routines, and the extender itself comes in a wooden box.

My results with Quick Extender Pro

I had the most impressive penis enlargement results with Quick Extender Pro. The device provided the desired momentum, and it was convenient and comfortable to wear. My penis had grown by 1.5 inches in length after 3 months of use. I always found it convenient to use, since the manufacturer took care of accessories for comfort and safety.

Click here to buy Quick Extender Pro

#2: Phallosan forte

Brief review:

• Success rate
– 95%
• Prices - $338- $438
• Benefits: up to 3000 g tension; Vacuum-adhesive technology; Ultra comfort and safety, PLUS rod extender for up to 8000 g tension;
• Clicnical studies: Check our here
• Made in: Germany
• Official purchase:

What is this Phallosan Forte?

I just love this penis stretcher and find it the most convenient of all the devices I tried. That's all thanks to the vacuum-adhesion technology, which is used to hold the head of the penis in a vacuum chamber(called “BELL”) without harm or direct exposure to vacuum.

With the Spare Tension clip, which has a pressure level indicator, you can easily check the tension force of the extender at any time. The base ring for the penis is made of a very soft material, so the presence of the extender on the penis is hardly felt during wear. The design uses a miniature Spare vacuum pump that activates the vacuum with a few clicks.

Why choose Phallosan Forte?

First of all, it's a great choice for comfort, and it can provide visible results within a couple of months after starting to use the device. Phallosan Forte offers up to 3000g of tension.

It is considered one of the most powerful devices on the market. This penis extender is designed to keep the penis comfortable, even with high traction levels. The tension is applied smoothly and always stays where you set it.

This is a high-quality medical device, and you'll trust it as soon as you open the box. The German quality is apparent in every detail. It is recommended by doctors and certified in the EU. Its efficacy has been written about in Bild, Medical Tribune, and Men's Health.


Phallosan Forte: BELL(S,M,L), Spare Tension clip, Spare Foam ring, Sleeves(S,M,L), protector caps, Spare vacuum pump - $339
Phallosan Forte Plus - $99
Phallosan Forte + Phallosan Forte Plus - $438

My general impressions

I used this penis stretcher for the longest period of time, because I have come to appreciate the comfort it provides as it effectively stretches the penis. It was easy to put on and wear, I could go out with it, drive in the car, and do my usual household chores. I could safely and quickly take it off to go to the toilet. It is compact and incredibly practical.

My results with Phallosan Forte

I was able to enlarge my penis by 1.5 inches in 6 months of use. I consider this a good result, considering that I was not at all bothered by wearing it, and I never felt any side effects.

You can order Phallosan Forte by following this link

#3: Penimaster PRO

Brief review:

• Success rate – 95%
• Prices - $267-$329
• Benefits: up to 1150 g tension; Vacuum-adhesive technology; Belt Expander, Rod Expander;
• Clinical studies: Check our here
• Money-back guarantee: 30 days
• Made in: Germany
• Official purchase:

What is Penimaster PRO?

I can say that this is the only direct competitor to Phallosan Forte. It is also German-made, and it's the most famous device both among users and the medical community. It has a unique design and a rich set of different packages and accessories.

Everything is incredibly high quality. It uses vacuum adhesion-technology, and you have a choice of the rod or belt expander. All this is included in the Penimaster PRO Complete Set package, which I recommend buying if you choose this device. The package combines two types of attachments, which means it is more effective, with a versatile approach to stretching the penis.

Why choose Penimaster PRO?

I've heard that some men don’t buy this penis extender because of the large variety of different packages and devices the brand offers. is a huge site with an online store, and you can get lost when you visit it for the first time.

Yes, there are many versions: Chrome, Weight Expander, Rod Expander, Belt Expander, and the Complete Set. The variety confuses a lot.

You are also able to buy individual components and spare parts, but don't worry about any of that. The best thing you can do is simply get the Penimaster PRO Complete Set package, which contains everything for penis stretching.

I would choose this particular package because:

1. It has been developed by German scientists. Information about the extender is published on medical websites and in print magazines. This device is recommended by medical practitioners.

2. It’s safe for your penis if you follow the instructions correctly.

3. It works better, faster and more efficiently than analogues because it allows to personalize your routine. It’s easy to set up the device to suit your penis size and follow your penis enlargement goals.

4. You can read reviews of this device on forums and blogs to get an idea of what results you can achieve using Penimaster PRO.

My general impressions about Penimaster PRO

I will say right away that I had no doubts about the quality and efficiency of this device. I was more worried about choosing the right package, but I'm convinced that the Penimaster PRO Complete Set is the best option.

The comfortable case contains a unique Pulling Force Generator system, as well as a Rod Expander and Belt Expander systems. Let me remind you that you can also buy all the spare parts individually at

It’s a bit more difficult to use Penimaster PRO in comparison to other penis extenders listed in this article.

Here’s why:

1. I had to figure out how to create a vacuum.

2. It was also difficult to tighten the membranes, and I even tore one while trying to figure it out. In general, it is a good idea to add those additional membranes to your penis extender order. The membranes are a very delicate consumable, which is great for the comfort and safety of the penis, but it is better to be on the safe side and have extras for long-term use.


Belt Expander - $267
Rod Extender - $288
Complete Set - $329

My results with Penimaster PRO

I had time to try this device for one month, as I thought it was the same as Phallosan Forte. In fact, it has more options for using the belt: under the knee or over the shoulder, in addition to around the waist.

Phallosan Forte does not have this option. I also liked the ability to change the type of attachment for applying tension(Rod expander and Belt Expander). The two options offer a better chance to achieve results you want (although Phallosan Forte offers bars with its Plus version). In general, I noticed significant penis growth while using Penimaster PRO.

Follow this link to choose your Penimaster PRO package

#4: SizeGenetics

Brief review:

• Success rate – 92%
• Prices - $199.95-$299.95
• Benefits: up to 2800 g tension; medical device type1; 16 way ultimate comfort system; FDA cleared medical device;
• Clinical studies: Check our here
• Money-back guarantee: 120 days
• Official purchase:

What is this extender?

SizeGenetics is the classic version of the rod extender. This device is developed by DanaMedic, and it is an exact copy of the Jes Extender, which was the first device on the market for penis stretching.

The technology is very simple, but powerful. The only thing to keep in mind is that it is important to use all the offered accessories, such as no-slip protect, 3M comfort plaster, and traction talcum powder, which helps to prevent the penis from slipping out of the support base. It provides up to 2800 grams of tension.

Why choose SizeGenetics?

I want to say that despite the various developments in the field of penis traction and the current variety of devices available, SizeGenetics is chosen by experienced users and beginners alike. There are a huge number of tips on how to wear it, how to make it as comfortable as possible, and how to put it on and take it off quickly and easily.

In fact, you can either use the accessories available for purchase at the official site or make them by yourself. For example, some people use different pads for a loop or rubber strap.

Since the extender has been on the market for 19 years, a huge number of reviews have accumulated, which give a complete picture of the use of the device. Most importantly, you can achieve results quickly, since such penis extenders provide the necessary tension and save the settings in between uses.

My SizeGenetics general impressions

I am an adherent of this classic design. It is easy for me to wear the device. I started my acquaintance with the penis stretcher a long time ago with the classic version of SizeGenetics. It was interesting for me to read user advice on male enhancement forums and apply them in my routine.

I learned how to set the correct traction level in a way that was comfortable for me. But I would not recommend using it for beginners. You need to learn how to feel the tension of such a device and work with its construction.


Value edition - $199.95 (includes 1 dual function piece, 1 comfort strap, 1 protection pad, elongation bars)
Comfort Package - $249.95 (1 dual function piece, 1 silicone tube, luxury leather case, more elongation bars, No-slip protect, 3M comfort plaster)
Ultimate System - $299.95 (additionally: Cream Moisturizer, Traction Talcum powder, more elongation bars)
Curvature&Peyronies edition - $299.95 (EXTRA silicone tube, Gauze, Extra dual function front piece, 3M comfort plaster)

My results with SizeGenetics

I achieved my final penis growth with SizeGenetics, when other devices were no longer working due to my heavy penis traction usage. You should know that there is a limit to the growth of your penis.

You will learn about this when you start using an extender. I was sure that I had already achieved my maximum until I started using SizeGenetics. But in the end, I was able to grow that final challenging 0.5 inches and now can show off my penis size proudly.

Check our SizeGenetics website to choose the package and order it

#5: Male Edge

Brief review:

• Success rate – 87%
• Prices - $149.99-$199.99
• Benefits: all-in-one medical device; 28% increase in penis length; lightweight; unique design
• Maximum treatment period: 26 weeks
• Official purchase:

What is Male Edge?

This is a unique penis enlargement and straightening device that does not have removable rods—they are all part of the all-in-one design. This is also the lightest rod extender device on the market. Despite it being so lightweight, it can provide a load of 2800 grams. I couldn’t believe it was possible when I first held it in my hands.

You can adjust the length of the rods by simply turning them until they click. Set the tension level easily using 3 available modes: 1200, 2000 and 2800 g. The device is designed so that you can attach the front piece to different sides depending on the current size of your penis(below or above 5”). This approach personalizes the adjustment of the extender to fit your penis comfortably.

Why choose Male Edge penis extender?

First of all, the extender is very light, comfortable, easy to use, there is no need to twist the rods, it can be quickly hidden in underpants, and you can walk without even noticing it. There are medical research papers about Male Edge that have been published in scientific journals(check the official site).

My general impressions

I will say right away that it took me some time to deal with this device for the first time. I couldn't figure out how to properly twist the barbells and set the tension force. However, once I figured it out, there were no more problems.

One issue is that sometimes in the process of use it seems that the device is flimsy and is about to break when everything pops up when switching tension.

But in fact, the plastic is very high quality, and it cannot be broken easily. As deceptive as it may seem, you can be sure of its durability. The design is beyond praise. I know a lot of men do not like the standard classic penis extender design with visible aluminum or stainless-steel bars, so they may really appreciate Male Edge for its unique design.


Basic – $149.99 (2 rubber straps)
Extra – $174.99 (3 rubber straps, 1 protection pad)
Pro – $199.99 (5 rubber straps, 2 protection pads, 1 cohesive gauze)

My results with Male Edge

I did not wear this penis extender for a long time, as I like to have more adjustment options for comfort and accuracy when setting for the length of the rods and the traction force.

I tried Male Edge penis stretcher for a couple of weeks and then switched back to Phallosan Forte Plus. In any case, you can successfully work with this extender and it has many advantages, as I've noted above. Male Edge also provides an online diary for taking notes while using the device, which is really helpful.

Order Male Edge at the best price

Addressing the fears that prevent you from using an extender

A penis extender is a device for stretching and straightening the penis, and it can lead to a dramatic change in your life. When men consider using one of these devices, they usually have a lot of questions, doubts, and worries. Men often find a thousand reasons not to use penis stretchers because they are afraid of damaging their penis in some way.

All this is normal, and these fears arise in all beginners.

I'm sure I can convince you that using these devices is completely different from what you're imagining. In this review, I will only be discussing medical penis enlargement and straightening devices that can be trusted. All these devices are certified in Europe and the United States, and they're recommended by medical specialists.

Most importantly, they work safely, efficiently, and effectively, and do not cause much inconvenience if they're used correctly.

Wearing a penis extender for several hours a day or going through a penis enlargement operation are two quite different options. Many women would love to have the ability to increase their breast size without surgery.

We men have the opportunity to enlarge our penises without surgery, so why not go ahead and do it? Invest your time in yourself and give yourself the gift of an incredible sex life.

Trust me, it's worth it

This extensive review will provide everything you need to know in order to choose the best penis extender:

• What penis stretchers are, the types available, and which one to choose in accordance with your goals and objectives?
• How I used penis extenders in real life, and the routine I developed to use them most effectively?
• What where the results I achieved with each of the devices?
• Answers to the most important questions that concern any future user of a penis stretcher
• A thorough evaluation of every device that I personally used
Important tips that will help you use an extender more easily, without pain and for maximum effect
• As a user who has tried everything I've written about, I will help you choose among the best penis extenders to find the most suitable one.

What are penis extenders?

A penis extender, also called a penis stretcher, is a device that uses traction technology to naturally stretch the tissues of the penis. Simply put, the device creates a constant pull on the tissues of the penis, creating micro-tears that are repaired by your body.

The important aspect of this is that penis traction enables permanent tissue growth. The gains in size will not disappear. Now, it is important to understand what is necessary for the process of stretching the penis: regular and constant pulling, with sufficient pressure that acts on the penis for several hours. This requires attention to the following factors:

1. Traction level (how much force the device is applying at a given time)
2. Uniform and constant pressure (penis extender settings must be of good quality)
3. Consistent increase of traction over time during the use of the device

Types of penis extenders

There are two general kinds of penis extenders on the market today: extenders that use rods with tension screws and a rubber strap for penis glans. Belt extenders that use vacuum to hold the penis head. There are also hybrid devices available, which combine the vacuum that holds the head of the penis with barbells that use tension screws for the stretching action.

What are classic rod extenders?

These devices(Quick Extender Pro, Male Edge, SizeGenetics, Jes Extender, Penimaster Chrome) are classified as a type 1 medical device, which means that they've been tested and assessed under the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC). This is the most common type of penis traction device. This design was developed by DanaMedic 20 years ago. It uses MDA (Multi Directional Angling) technology to straighten and extend the penis.

The design is still implemented in the extenders that you can buy now. It is not outdated either in its quality and efficiency.

How does a rod penis extender work?

• The device consists of a plastic base, aluminum rods, and tension screws and springs to hold the device at the necessary tension.
• On the other side of the device there is a holder for the head of the penis and a loop with which the penis is attached.
• A rubber strap can be used instead of a silicone loop, which is often more anatomically comfortable.
• The device applies up to 2800 g. of tension that applies a gentle stretch to the Corpa Carvenosa.

The whole point of such a design is to maintain the required rigidity and accuracy of the applied tension. It is also important to increase the load over time. Despite the simplicity of this design, it works exactly as it should and it’s lightweight. High-quality devices of this type today include the Quick Extender Pro, SizeGenetics, Jes Extender, and Penimaster Chrome.

These are all developed by renowned companies. They are categorized as medical devices and certified by regulatory authorities. Their use only medical-grade plastic and aluminum, which cannot cause irritation.

The level of tension varies and differs from device to device. On average, this is 1200 to 4000 g. The devices themselves may also differ from the classic design. For example, the Quick Extender Pro uses a double attachment for the penis (Double Strap Support system), which prevents it from slipping out and provides amazing comfort.

In general, it should be said that the reinforced design with two loops(Double Strap Support) to hold the head of the penis perfectly withstands the required tension, which helps the device take less time to achieve maximum effect.

Click here to order #1 penis extender (Quick Extender Pro)

Pros of rod extenders with loop or strap attachment:

1. The design can provide efficient penis growth in a short time due to the rigidity and precision of adjustment.

2. When using various accessories to increase the level of comfort (such as bandages that are attached to the head of the penis), you can increase the duration that you can wear the penis stretcher every day, which will certainly increase the speed of growth.

3. It is believed that rod penis extenders can provide the most traction. The Quick Extender Pro can provide up to 4000 g. of traction in its Deluxe version. In general, the design of this penis stretcher uses high-quality tension springs that produce the best results.

Cons of rod penis extenders:

1. You will not be able to wear the device for more than 3 hours at a time. You definitely need a break, and you should massage the penis after each use.

2. Some penis stretchers can be uncomfortable to use while walking.

3. It is very tedious to take off the penis extender when you want to go to the toilet. The most convenient are the the Penimaster Chrome and Male Edge since they have a base snap-off mechanism.

4. Sometimes the improper use of rod penis enlargement devices can cause pain and bruising. This occurs due to incorrect settings or non-compliance while wearing the device.

5. It is impossible to sleep with such an extender—it is too dangerous since the structure is rigid.

Vacuum adhesive penis extender

Order Phallosan Forte

Among the main representatives of high-quality vacuum penis stretchers are Penimaster PRO and Phallosan Forte. They operate by securing the head of the penis in a special vacuum chamber and stretching the penis using a belt that is attached at the waist.

The vacuum itself in the chamber is created with a pump. The Penimaster PRO creates a vacuum with a pump ball, while the Phallosan Forte uses a Spare Vacuum pump.

These penis stretchers work using vacuum-adhesion technology. It helps to create a vacuum that is safe for the penis head, which is held in a condom(Penimaster PRO) or protector cap(Phallosan Forte) while wearing the device. The vacuum acts only on the condom, not on the penis itself. This makes the vacuum perfectly safe.

Pros of vacuum penis stretchers:

1. They work gently on the penis and create a smooth pressure that can change dynamically during use.

2. Vacuum penis extenders are much more comfortable to use, because you don't feel any friction from the attachment (silicone loop or rubber strap). Your penis is in a vacuum chamber that is designed with the anatomical features of the penis in mind to create a comfortable fit.

3. There are no bars and tension screws in the design. Therefore, there is no strong pressure on individual parts of the penis, while maintaining the device's effectiveness with an appropriate amount of traction.

4. Penis stretchers like Phallosan Forte and Penimaster PRO can be used during sleep, as they do not have rigid structures or uncomfortable materials, so they can’t damage the penis. While you sleep, your penis grows or straightens, and this does not interfere with sound healthy sleep at all. The longer you wear the device , the faster and better the results will be. Only your personal comfort and level of tension you use will affect your results.

5. Vacuum penis extenders also help to straighten the penis, although many experts agree that penis straightening requires the use of a rigid structure with increased traction, which is offered by barbell extenders with strap or loop attachments.

Cons of vacuum extenders:

1. Typically, vacuum extenders need to be used for 6-9 months to get results. I used Phallosan Forte the longest, as it has a convenient scale that indicates the tension level (Tension clip). I don't even know how to check the tension without it. I also used the dedicated Phallosan App, with which I planned my routine.

2. I didn't like that the tension settings would constantly change as I moved. Even the smallest movement affects the process of penis stretching. Despite this, however, I felt the pull and saw the results, so the dynamic load worked perfectly.

3. I constantly had to change various accessories such as the condom sleeves and protector cap. The membranes tore easily, even though I bought the official ones from the manufacturers' websites. Consider this and buy additional consumables with the extender so that a tear doesn't interrupt your daily use.

Combined penis extender

Finally, some extenders combine the vacuum and rod mechanisms. The head of the penis is held in a vacuum chamber, and a rigid structure with barbells and tension screws applies tension.

So far, only Phallosan Forte Plus and Penimaster PRO Rod Expander offer this kind of technology. The tension level of such extenders can reach up to 6000 g.

I was very pleased with these penis enlargement devices. It was exactly what I wanted: the penis head is comfortably held in a vacuum chamber, and the set-top box with rods and tension screws creates powerful tension.

In my opinion, this is the best option, although not cheap. Phallosan Forte Plus costs $468 and Penimaster Pro Rod Expander costs $262.

Check out Phallosan Forte Plus

Pros of this type of device:

1. Comfortable use with penis traction technology
2. Excellent traction level
Fast results when using
3. Combines the best aspects of comfort and efficiency
4. Hides well under clothes, is very mobile, and adapts to your movements


1. Phallosan Forte Plus can be uncomfortable, as the bars are too close to each other in my opinion
2. My scrotum often got caught in the tension screws, which is very unpleasant
3. The design is not suitable for men with a wide penis girth, as the diameter of the penis ring is too small

How I used penis extenders in real life

I’ve had experience with five penis extenders. Here are my initial experiences with each of them.

• My first extender was Phallosan Forte. It was easy for me to understand how it works, configure it, and use it. It was comfortable and easy to hide under clothes. Over time I stopped noticing that it was on. It was easy to take Phalloan Forte off to go to the toilet, I wore it in the car and even slept with it. The instructions were clear and simple.

Next, I received SizeGenetics and started to use it at once. This is a rod based penis extender, and I had to adjust the length of the barbells and set the tension level. There weren't very good guides provided so I had to depend on my own attempts to adjust it. At first it wasn't possible to guess the correct length for the rods, and then I slightly twisted the device as I adjusted the tension. I had to unscrew the screws on both sides so that the tension was equal. It was difficult to put it on comfortably the first time. I used a plaster for the comfort and a little powder on my penis so that it would not slip out of the attachment. Over time, though, I got used to taking off and putting on, and it became convenient and easy.

Male Edge. I was a little annoyed with this bar length adjustment system, and I had a hard time figuring out how to adjust the tension. I read the instructions and watched the video, and only then it began to work out. You have to twist the rods in all directions to get them into the grooves. But once it's adjusted, you don't need to do that every time. It becomes quite simple to take off and put on. I liked that it is lightweight, while the traction is serious—up to 2800 gr. It has 3 levels of tension: initial, intermediate and maximum. It's a very unusual device, since it is not collapsible. Only the front piece is removed and attached. This is one of the unique features of this device.

Jes Extender turned out to be the same as SizeGenetics, with different options for packages and accessories, so I didn't use this one.

• The Quick Extender Pro is my favorite rod extender. It has a lot of components, including many accessories for comfort. It adjusted perfectly to fit, it was very comfortable, and it always maintained its tension accurately. I used up to 3000 grams of tension. This is a super device for those who want to utilize all the features a device has to offer.

Penimaster Chrome turned out to be the highest quality device I tried. It is so perfect: stainless steel bars of different sizes (extending to 12.8”), the tension clip system, rubber straps are very soft, super comfortable, convenient set up. It's easy to put on and take off.

My own routine

Before I embarked on this journey, I always wondered how men use penis extenders in real life. What's their plan for using the device?

I read on the penis enlargement forums that almost all successful users also used daily penis stretching techniques like Jelqing. There are many basic exercises that can create plenty of variety in your routine. Check it out here.
In addition, the most knowledgeable and experienced users also pumped with the Bathmate penis pump (this could be the Hydromax , HydroXtreme or Hydro 7).

But even without these additions to my routine, when I started using my first penis stretcher, the Phallosan Forte, I started seeing benefits after one month. I realized that my erection was growing, and my sexual desire and sexual stamina had improved. My initial charge of energy and faith in myself had already grown into a specific result that I saw and felt.

My motivation got stronger day by day

I wanted to go further and get penis enlargement results from using the devices as soon as possible. I am not saying that you should buy a penis pump and use these additional techniques right away. Penis extenders work well even without special techniques or pumps. But I wanted to get the best results quickly and efficiently.

I was no longer scared! I was no longer afraid to stretch my penis, and the idea of a penis enlargement became quite real for me and so achievable.

Additional techniques for the best results

I bought a HydroXtreme7 penis pump and learned a few simple Jelqing and Kegels techniques. My routine was constantly changing as I supplemented it with new techniques. Initially, I had no strategy for using the penis stretcher, and that was my mistake. You need to start by creating your own penis enlargement strategy and plan your routine.

You need to set a goal and make a plan before you get started. I am serious, and this is important, because you are setting yourself up for the results you get.

An example of your penis enlargement routine

Goals: Enlarge my penis by 4 inches! Improve my erection! Build powerful sexual stamina. Improve ejaculation control and sexual health.

Tools to achieve the goal: A Penis Extender (be specific about which type: vacuum, rod, or hybrid). Comfort is important to me. Am I ready to use the extender for 3, 5, 7, or 9 months daily? A penis pump to improve an erection.

How much time am I willing to devote to this routine: Wearing an extender for a total of 3.5 hours a day. Jelqing 15 minutes a day, pumping 15 minutes a day.

How long can I handle wearing a device: barbell penis extender - 1 hour per session, vacuum - 2.5-5 hours. You can use a penis pump all the time during your penis enlargement routine.

When can I use the extender and other techniques: In the morning at home, 1.5 hours before going to work, in the evening for 1.5-2 hours. Another 15 minutes of Jelqing in the morning, 15 minutes of pumping before bed in the shower.

How do I keep my records: The Phallosan Forte app, a diary on my phone, and reminders. I record my daily workouts, my feelings, my results for the day, and regularly measure my penis with a ruler. I also take notes about my own feelings.

At the very beginning, I just put on the extender when I could and got lost in where I started, what I wanted, and how I would achieve it.

Once I established a routine, I regularly looked through my diary on my phone to understand what progress I've achieved.

Do not repeat my mistakes

Document everything from start to finish. If something is not clear in your routine, register on the forums and ask. If you want to, you can write to me directly, and I will try to help you as my reader. You can also ask questions on my Youtube channel under my videos.

My 7 penis extender tips

I've prepared a small block of my own tips for my readers, based on things I wrote down in my diary. You won't remember everything at once, so I am sharing my notes, which I made especially for you, going all the way through my use of extenders.

1. Please remember that you'll need to use the extender every day, except in the case of an emergency. Your penis needs to be exercised daily for you to see results. Be sure that you base your routine on what you can actually do every single day.

2. It doesn't matter which extender you use, barbell or vacuum, but be sure to follow the instructions and ensure that you proceed gradually and do not have any pain, which can lead to an injury.

3. Be sure to check the extender settings periodically, even while you're wearing the device, to be sure they it's not misaligned or losing tension. Your routine will be ineffective if the correct tension isn't maintained.

4. Many people have asked me if it's possible to combine the use of different types of penis extenders. In fact, it is better for beginners to use one combined device, such as the Phallosan Forte Plus. The Penimaster PRO Rod Extender is also a good choice.

5. Keep records regularly, systematically writing down everything that happens to you. You think you'll remember everything, but it's actually very easy to lose track, and then you end up losing motivation if you don't have records of your progress.

6. Speaking of motivation, if it subsides a little, tell yourself: "I can increase my penis size without surgery. I just have to continue using this extender every day and I will achieve a good result."

7.If you have a penis curvature, the Quick Extender Pro Peyronie’s Edition can be effective if the curvature does not exceed 50 degrees. The extender may not be effective for men with Peyronie's Disease.