LEGO enthusiast and his daughter built a replica of A Christmas Story house

A New York dad and his 8-year-old daughter spent a considerable amount of time building what would become a true-to-life replica of the house made famous by A Christmas Story and now they're searching for supporters to help make the project an official LEGO creative building kit.

According to an article in the Genesee Sun, it took Jason and Jane Middaugh a good six months to gather all the pieces, build, and perfect the project. And by perfect, we mean it has a working leg lamp. It's so good, producers of the touring musical contacted the daddy-daughter duo in hopes of showcasing it during showtimes.

You can see 28 images of the LEGO Christmas Story house here.

But, they need a little help to keep the project going.

LEGO has a site called LEGO Ideas where people can submit their projects in hopes of the company purchasing their idea. The Ghostbusters and Big Bang Theory creative building sets came into existence via this site, actually.

So, the way it works is that the project has to attract supporters, 10,000 to be exact. You can sign up to be a supporter on the website and it's free.

Right now, Middaugh's project has just over 2,400 supporters, and they have about a year and a half to collect the other roughly 7,600 supporters. If you'd like to support their project you can click here. If it's picked up and mass produced, they'll end up with 1 percent of the net profits.

If this whole things has given you a hankering for A Christmas Story, you can still see the musical at the Fox Theatre or catch the 24-hour marathon starting at noon on Saturday, Dec. 24 on TCM.