Feedback (11/9-11/15)

We received dozens of comments to Anasie Tayyen's blog post, "I'm a Muslim who condemns ISIS. White America, do you condemn Trump?" One of them was intelligent. It was from Melissa Summers:

If you don't agree with Trump's rhetoric, please speak out against it.

If you don't like being "lumped in" with all racist or bigoted white people, take a minute and consider how it would feel to be a Muslim and be "lumped in" with terrorists.

Our blog post about the Royal Oak students changing "Build the wall!" earned a few comments. Adam Wardak commented:

Now we know how the Hitler Youth started ...

And Mary Marsden commented:

I'm dumbfounded that there has been no mention of where the adults were and what their reaction was during the chant.

And Mike Flateau commented:

This behavior didn't come from Trump being elected. Take responsibility for your children and the way they act and see the world and the people in it. Most children are heavily influenced by the behavior, beliefs, and actions of their parents and other family members. Get your house in order before you start blaming others.

A reader identified only as "Otter" emailed us in response to Michael Jackman's "Mourning in America: How to get over the post-election blues." Otter wrote:

Although I seldom, if ever, send out notes to people I don't know, today is another story. I want to pat Jackman on the back for doing his job as a reporter should: state the facts as he sees them. Tell the truth and nothing but the truth. It shows him not to be neither pro nor con. Keep up the excellent work.

Another email came to use from Yolanda McLain, of Huntsville, Ala., who writes:

Michael Jackman makes good points in his article about organizing. For those of us who have been working for progress for more than 20 years, we are weary. We had such hope in President Obama, and he did accomplish many things, even with an obstructionist Congress.

I live in Alabama. I have seen years of time, energy, money, logic, and reason not only have no impact, but also strengthen the opposition. This election has demonstrated that traditional campaign funding, organizing, and get-out-the-vote efforts, are irrelevant and ineffective. Even as the opposition exposed the many disqualifying actions and traits, the candidate still won. I fear the American electorate will have to suffer the consequences of its vote as we the opposition stand by until their dissatisfaction opens their minds.

It sounds defeatist, but may well be what is required. Give them enough rope to hang themselves and hope we aren't strangled along with them.

Continue your good work. Our democracy depends on you.

Errata: Due to a misunderstanding, readers of last week's restaurant review of Bona Sera may have come away thinking that Elize Jekabson is the creative chef behind the restaurant's recipes. She is the author of the Latvian beet soup on the restaurant's spring and summer menu, but the owners of Bona Sera are responsible for all other starter, mains, pastas and desserts, with the exception of the daily soups, which are created by another chef on staff, Adnan Hourani.