His Name Is Alive at El Club Friday is your can't-miss show of the week

His Name Is Alive. Photo by Davin Brainard.

This Friday, Nov. 11 (11/11!), just a few days before the largest super-moon in our lifetimes, His Name Is Alive performs at El Club. The show is only $8, we are told that the brand-new finished products will just be arriving that day in the post from California, and man, this is going to be a lot of fun.

His Name Is Alive's new album is called Calling All Believers.

This is resolutely kickass music that is as indebted to the dense rock action of Thin Lizzy and the delicate vocal complexity of the Free Design as it is stuff like the spirit of Detroit’s free jazz scene in the 1970s (really). This is music that has a lot of parts to it, but it never sounds forced or pretentious. So the show is one you can bring your weird older prog stoner friends to, as well as your younger and musically savvier friends. It is a music that will bring us all together, and the theme of the new album is science, as it was commissioned by some particle physics geniuses in Switzerland at the CERN (where they throw very small particles together in an effort to destroy the world, or understand everything better).

Seriously; that is how this record came together, based on an invitation to go out and perform for atom-smashers. Of course, Defever and crew have been known to tell a tall tale or two. But we’re pretty sure this one is legit. Whatever it is, this is His Name Is Alive’s best record, ever. And you do not want to miss the release extravaganza; Paint Thinner opens.

Starts at 9 p.m.; 4114 West Vernonr Hwy., Detroit; elcubdetroit.com; $8.