Is flipping burgers really rock-bottom? These are Michigan's lowest paying jobs.

Remember when you got your first job and felt like a millionaire? Making minimum wage was totally fine; that is until your friend got a job and you found out he made more than you.

Suddenly you're feeling like you make the least amount of money within your circle of friends. But, who is actually getting paid the least? The girl who makes latte's at the coffee shop or the guy who cleans up the old popcorn and sticky unknown substances from the movie theater floor?

Well, a recent study conducted on Zippa compiled a list of the top 100 lowest paid jobs in Michigan, here are just a few:
You can probably guess what the lowest paying job is, Cooks and Fast food workers make the least amount of annual income. They have a starting salary of only $17,380 a year. Managers make more, of course. 
The 99th lowest paying job on this list makes the least amount of sense, because it requires higher education. Nursing Assistants have to complete a state-approved education program and pass a competency exam. That is a ton of extra work for less than $30,000 per year on average.

How much people make may surprise you; that girl steaming milk at the coffee shop, makes a little over $19,000, while that guy cleaning up the unknown sticky substances rakes in roughly $25,000. The lowest paying jobs in Michigan range difficulty and application. You might work a lot harder than the guy playing on his phone between customers in the gaming store, but somehow he makes more than you.

It's just the cruel and unusual way that the world works.