No, Eminem didn't give out his phone number — but he is hosting a listening session and live chat for true stans

Kathy Hutchins/

Eminem won't text us back. What gives?

This weekend, Eminem joined the hordes of celebrities, musicians, and influencers who have recently — and oh so casually — posted what appears to be their phone number online, urging fans to send them a text, suggesting they'll respond to them.

Well, the reason the rapper hasn't responded to our pleas for an interview is because it's not his actual number, despite the 313 area code. Sorry, stans. You just got ... stanned up.

The “personal” phone numbers publicly provided by the likes of J.Lo, Amy Schumer, Diddy, Karlie Kloss, Ellen DeGeneres, and, now, Eminem, are a product of Community — a tech start-up app that connects high-profile clientele with people on a mass scale while avoiding trolls and the algorithmic fuckery as is the case with all major social media platforms.

Back in 2014, what is now Community started as Shimmur, an app with a similar goal, but with a Reddit-style format and a focus on connecting fans with their favorite social media stars. Then, in 2019, actor and Thorn co-founder Ashton Kutcher became an active investor in the company, along with talent manager Guy Oseary.

The result? Community was born, as was the app's direct messaging format, which appears to be yet another platform that encourages us to scream into the void as we plead for intimacy between us and the people we stan. This includes Eminem, who has decided to utilize the platform to promote the 20th anniversary of the Marshall Mathers LP and a celebratory listening party scheduled Wednesday, May 27.

Clearly, Em, who is no stranger to theatrics or meta-culture, leaned into MMLP banger “Stan” for his Community publicity stunt. The song is a pen-pal ballad during which an obsessed fan named Stan makes countless attempts to make contact with Em in hopes of getting an autograph for his little brother. But before the rapper can respond, fictitious Stan drove off a fictitious bridge with his fictitious pregnant wife in the trunk. And, yeah, somehow the word “stan” came to refer to any intense fan, and nearly 20 years later landed in Merriam-Webster last year, because of course it did.

Anyway, Em's Spotify-hosted listening party and live chat is expected to take place at 3 p.m. on Wednesday. Interested stans can sign up to enter the waiting room via his website. According to the sign-up instructions, once you're in the waiting room, the page will automatically refresh. So, like a faithful stan, just sit back with your tab open for 24 hours, and don't you dare walk away or click out or microwave a burrito, otherwise you might miss your opportunity to ask Eminem why he didn't text you back.

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