What would happen if teachers ran school districts?

Twitter can be a magical place. It's a place where people from across the globe can connect, bond, share information, and sometimes even rally together over common goals and ideas (It can also be a very dark place, but that is not the purpose of our post today).

One particular hashtag that has caught our eye this fine Monday morn is #IfTeachersRanTheDistrict — a tag that is currently being used and shared by a number of US educators, including some Detroiters. Under the hashtag, educators are explaining some of the things they would do differently if they were at the helm — an opportunity to not only share best practices but also call out egregious practices, such as the cutting of the arts and our over-reliance on standardized testing. 

Take a look at some of the tweets below, and also scope out the hashtag on your own. Post your favorite in the comment section.