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Topicals, generally, are a separate category (when it comes to CBD) for a variety of reasons. First off, for skin irritation, nerve pain, or something that is relatively localized near the surface, people want a topical that does not have a systemic effect to use for alleviating those specific problems.

Unfortunately, CBD is not easily absorbed by the skin so you need to combine it with something that can take it through the skin barrier. The product that we are working with to solve this problem at Blue Ribbon Hemp is called MSM. The combination of various things where you want to have a specific effect, in this case CBD, then combine it with something that will help it go through the skin, that is key for topical treatment with CBD. The good thing about the process is that you don't have a lot of systemic effect the way you would if you had to ingest it first. You can even apply THC topically and you will not have to worry about anything (aside from drug testing, but that's another topic). Basically, what we want to do is make the cannabinoids available through the skin.

Make sure that you’re buying CBD topicals that have been third-party tested in an independent lab! Find out more at Real Tested CBD.

**Richard Cowan’s December 1973 cover-article in the late William F. Buckley’s National Review magazine calling for American conservatives to support marijuana legalization drew international attention to the absurdity of marijuana prohibition and was described as opening a new front in the drug war.

From August 1992 to August 1995 Cowan served as executive director of NORML. In 1997 he began MarijuanaNews.com, which has been called the original marijuana blog. Cowan also pioneered video blogging in 2001 on Marc Emery's Pot TV. Cowan now lives in Europe where he works with marijuana legalization activists.

He co-created Blue Ribbon Hemp to help erase the stigma of cannabis-based plants, especially among his generation.

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