Kid Rock gives private patriotic show during RNC

Kid Rock, noted political pundit and Trump supporter, performed during one of the after-parties during the final night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. And my, it looks like it was quite the show.

The Mitt Romney-loving Romeo native didn't send any of us at MT an invite to the show, but that's ok because that's what Twitter is for. 

Fans of Bob Ritchie and other brave, curious media types showed up for the show at the Jacobs Pavilion in Cleveland shortly after Donald Trump finished his official acceptance speech for the Republican nomination. That is a thing that actually happened.

But it sounds like everybody had to wait. 

Eventually, the man famous for such lines as "I ain't straight outta Compton, I'm straight out the trailer" and "I can smell a pig from a mile away" emerged as a shadowy hat-donning figure with a very long index finger. 

Much like the entire Trump campaign, Rock's performance contained moments that left some wondering 'what in the actual fuck?'

But alas, the key in both these instances is actually that there are no fucks. 00 to be exact. 

Many a delegate and high-ranking political leaders were in attendance, as evidenced by the sea of white button-downs. Tim Jones, Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives (who counts Lil B as one of his Twitter followers lolz), seemed especially pumped. 

All in all, it looks like America was at its greatest last night.

What could top Donald Trump? Kid Rock at the Cleveland Rocks party #RNCinCLE #GOPconvention #kidrock

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And that folks, was a wrap from the RNC. 

Ended my 2016 RNC experience with Kid Rock. #BornFree #rncincle

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