Horoscopes (July 20-26)


ARIES (March 21- April 20):

Things are a little nuts, but what the hell? This is better than you've had it in a long time. Without leading you to think that it will go on forever, it's pretty obvious that you are on a roll. It's time to get out there and work it. If you can do this without letting your ego get out of control you're going to find that it will take you everywhere. It's almost as if you've arrived at the terminal where the rest of your life is getting ready to take off. Don't let your attachments tie you down, or hold you back. Let them go, and trust that the ones that matter will be there forever.

TAURUS (April 21 -May 20):

Before you get all worked up about this, slow down and get real for a minute. Just because all of a sudden everyone wants a piece of you it doesn't mean you need to say yes to any of this. For the first time in your life you've come to a place where you're beginning to see what's important to you. With others creating the impression that you need to respond to whatever it is that they're projecting onto you, you're going nuts trying to be all things to all people. At some point you'd be wise forget about everyone else to start looking at what it is that you want for yourself.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20):

When you get right down to it, you are the only thing that stands between you and whatever you want out of this. Not that anything is going to be easy — it's quite clear that you are up against it. The good news is, all kinds of new and interesting elements are about to show up and give you a clearer sense of what the future holds. Nobody needs to remind you that change is the order of the day. Others are there to assist. Some of them would be happier if you were less of a prima donna about your choices. It's time to let go of things that have become a burden for both of you.

CANCER (June 21-July 20):

It's amazing how things have turned out. You thought you were headed one way and now here you are, going in a totally new direction. Nothing from the past needs to haunt you; at the moment, it's a question of "Who do you want to be now?" If it looks like there's nothing going on and you're wondering what it's all about, nothingness is where everything begins again. You're floating in the void, or that space between atoms, where life has no choice but to recreate itself — and the fear that you've lost your place is about give way to a clear sense that you've found it.

LEO (July 21-Aug. 20): The last six months have put you through the wringer. If you feel trapped, stuck, or shell shocked, I would not be surprised. Wondering if there's any light at the end of the tunnel, many of you are hoping for some sort of reprieve; in lieu of that, a few answers might be enough to help you know why all of this had to happen. A little distance and time, coupled with a willingness to believe that everything happens for the best would work wonders. There will be no answers until you let go and begin to see yourself in the now moment, knowing that your future begins here.

VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 20):

You keep wondering when things are going to shift. Every now and then you have to stop and ask yourself if maybe you need to do a little something to make that happen. It's one thing to go with the flow and another thing to stop long enough to see where things are headed. Turning around in this whirlpool keeps you busy, but the bigger part of you has lost your way. It may be time to settle down and look at what's really going on. Something's run its course. You need to make a few adjustments, maybe re-write a few contracts, and start spinning things in a new direction.

LIBRA (Sept. 21-Oct. 20):

Nobody has the right to interfere with your choices. If they mean well, underneath whatever that means to them, you've got to look at the fact that 'caring about you' will probably work out better for them than it does for you! The conflict on your end rests in the idea that you have reservations about telling the truth and you don't want to upset anyone. You also have too much invested in this to make waves. I am not surprised you got yourself into this situation because complication is your middle name – staying in it will require you to make it work for you too.

SCORPIO (Oct. 21-Nov. 20):

You're having a tough time regulating the pressure valve. For sure there is more than one thing nipping at your heels, but there's no need to dramatize it past a certain point. The bigger part of you has been under the gun from multiple sources. This would be stressful enough but on top of everything else, it's dredging up your most deeply buried issues. Everything is a lesson. You may not be too happy about this one. Those of you who have managed to make the best of things are better off than your peers and could be reaping what you've sown before the season's change.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 21-Dec. 20):

There's enough going on to keep you busy forever. Diversifying your options seemed like such a good idea. As much as it appears as if everything is on its way up, a little realism will remind you that anything can happen. The slip between the cup and the lip is where serendipity rules — and that factor has more sway over things than anything else these days. Go ahead and make your plans; feel free to see how far they can go. And if something pops up to redirect your energy, be open enough to see that something greater than you imagined will come out of it.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 20):

If your plans have hit a wall, there's nothing to do but call a halt to this business. Pressing onward when everything is telling you to stop, and find another way around it, is insane. The idea that persistence pays off denies the fact that life is a yin-yang affair. Hold off and assess the situation. It may be beneficial to do absolutely nothing, until life gives you a reason to act. The question of what to do while you wait is easy to answer; bring your attention back to yourself. Don't extend yourself beyond your comfort zone. Lay low and let people come to you.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb. 20):

All of a sudden a whole new story is in play. In a way it's a godsend, because the old one was making it impossible to have a life. In the next few months you will see things that had turned into a headache be replaced with people and situations that support everything that you're about to do. You weren't expecting things to fall into place. After years of having to struggle for all of it, a stretch of smooth sailing will be your reward for your efforts. The next few months will give you a chance to strengthen your position, and create a whole new framework for fulfillment.

PISCES (Feb. 21-March 20):

There's too much going on for you to get too intense about your personal stuff. Who knows what's up with all of that? Ever since you woke up and realized you are the only one here, it does no good to complain, or wonder why things are the way they are. You've got a lot of good energy strengthening your independence, and some great feedback coming in from people who count. Finding ways to take the edge off will help you get back to a place that knows there is more to life than this. Big changes await those of you who are ready for your work to take off.