Video: man pulls gun while spitting vitriol about gay people outside store

Update, 4:20pm: The account for user @Binswanson has been made private after drawing attention for the disturbing video with many Twitter users calling DPD investigation. 

According to CBS Detroit, the department is investigating the video as a possible hate crime. Sgt. Michael Woody told CBS police have seen the video.

“Obviously this is very troubling,” he told WWJ’s Zahra Huber in an interview Wednesday. “Anytime a person would feel comfortable or brazen enough to point a weapon at an individual and then post it up on social media for everybody to see…it’s very troubling.”

“We can’t have people committing those types of crimes; and then, on top of which, targeting persons of any class, regardless of how they identify. It’s just unacceptable.”

Our original story of the incident is posted below: 

A video that surfaced on Twitter late Tuesday depicting a disturbing scene of a man, spitting vitriol about gay people while pulling a gun on a man exiting a Detroit party store, has been circling social media this morning. 

Twitter user @Binswanson posted the video and it has brought out a mix of disgust and oddly enough cheers from the Detroit Twitter community. 

The Twitter account also posted a 12-minute long Periscope video of a man (not sure if it's the same one from the original video posted to Twitter) holding the camera and saying things like, "I don't like gay n*****" and "get off my dick." 

BLAC Detroit points out that the user has retweeted the video multiple times with the user saying things like "all the gay people mad" and "I don't give a fuck about none of that shit y'all saying I hate gay n***** save that shit."

It's unfortunate that this kind of obscure, senseless homophobia is yet again prevalent, but something tells us that @Binswanson may be dealing with some inner skeletons in his closet. Just look at these guys!