Detroit Sports 105.1 is dead, and Jeff Moss is PISSED

In a veritable tirade posted on, Detroit sports blogger Jeff Moss spoke out on last night’s flipping of 105.1 WMGC, a former Detroit sports radio station, to an oldies station.

Moss details at length his perceived mismanagement of the radio station from its beginnings three years ago, his disappointment at being left with the only other Detroit sports radio station, 97.1 WXYT, and he even throws in a prayer for the late radio station at the end.

But that’s not all he’s mad about- in a video posted on Periscope, Moss is absolutely irate that Detroit News reporter Tony Paul broke the story about the flip without referencing him as the source. Moss claims that he had insider information and broke it first, and that DetroitSportsRag deserved to be cited as the original source of the story.

“I deserve the fucking credit, and I’m not gonna take it anymore.” Moss says. “Tony Paul has had the story wrong at every turn. He’s been beaten by me at every turn. And then he has the nerve to go on tonight? And act like my story didn’t exist?”

Moss also directs his anger towards The Detroit News in general.

“I’m not gonna put up with the fact that I break story after story, and the Detroit News refuses to acknowledge my existence, company-wide,” Moss said. “It’s horrible … I told [Tony Paul] personally over text that I’m not taking it anymore … it’s fucking bullshit.”

Further, Moss takes swipes at the management of 105.1, stating that their playing of “It’s a Wonderful World” immediately after flipping the station, while people were presumably being blindsided and let go from their jobs, was in poor taste.

And oh yeah, Moss' dog just licks his own ass and sleeps during the entire tirade. Poor Jeff — not even his dog cares.