Drink Up: Hendrick’s Gin | 44% ABV

How does that saying go? Gin is for real drinkers. Or is it alcoholics? Who really cares? Gin is delicious.

Have we already digressed?

Hendrick's Gin is made in ridiculously small batches, this allows the brand's distiller to have great control over the whole process. Hendrick's mixes together a host of botanicals like yarrow, coriander, elderflower, juniper, orange peel, chamomile, caraway, lemon, orris root, cubeb berry, and angelica root. It's then distilled in two different stills, creating two spirits that are later mixed. Then it's infused with rose and cucumber, which results in a unique and highly unusual gin flavor. And it's also delicious.

Unlike liquors like vodka, whiskey, and bourbon, gin is never meant to be consumed without a mixer. Those flavorful botanicals that are infused during the distillation process come to life when mixed with vermouth, bitters, tonic, juice, cordial, or liqueur. Hendrick's Gin is no different, and a host of classic cocktails, from a Tom Collins to a martini, from a negroni to a gimlet, can be made with this unusually distilled brand.