Dispensaries in Detroit, Bay City sold cannabis cartridges tainted with potentially deadly vitamin E acetate

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Cannabis vaping cartridges.

Three dispensaries in Michigan, including two in Detroit, sold cannabis vape cartridges that were tainted with vitamin E acetate, the potentially deadly chemical additive linked to the vaping-related lung illness.

The state's Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA), which banned vitamin E acetate on Nov. 22, announced a recall Friday on numerous varieties of vaping cartridges sold at Plan B Wellness in Detroit, Detroit Natural Selections Enterprises, and Elite Wellness in Bay City.

It was the second time the state recalled tainted cartridges from Plan B Wellness and Elite Wellness.

It’s also the fourth time the state has recalled cannabis cartridges tainted with vitamin E acetate, a substance that is used to "cut" or dilute cannabis oil to maximize profits.

On Feb. 7, the MRA recalled tainted cartridges that were sold at five dispensaries in Michigan. The second recall was on Jan. 23, involving tainted cartridges sold at Plan B Wellness. And the first recall was on Dec. 17 involving cartridges sold at Elite Wellness in Mount Morris.

On Nov. 22, dispensaries were required to remove tens of thousands of vape cartridges from their shelves for testing.

The lung illness linked to vitamin E acetate has caused the deaths of at least 60 people and sickened more than 2,600 others nationwide. Two of those deaths were in Michigan.

Since the outbreak began last summer, the media and health officials were falsely suggesting that nicotine vaping was to blame. Two-thirds of adults still believe nicotine vaping was causing the lung-related deaths, according to a recent poll.

The state is not requiring cartridges to be tested for vitamin E acetate if they were made after the Nov. 22 ban.

For details on each of Friday’s recalled products, click here. The dispensaries are required to notify patients who purchased recalled products.

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