Weekly reader responses


Our coverage of Snyder prompted:

I am a 41-year-old Detroit resident disgusted by the situation in Flint and drew the attached file in response. Much more of my work is posted on Instagram under @k.evin.j.oy. Thanks for your time and keep up the good investigative stories in your publication.

We received a very nice comment about Cal Garrison's horoscopes. Rosalie Giordano wrote:

Who writes them? And do they know me? LOL!

In response to Jack Lessenberry's "Politics & prejudices: The real lessons of Flint" (Feb. 10), William R. Boyer of Detroit writes:

Jack Lessenberry's convoluted reasoning for toxic Gov. Rick Synder to not step down or be recalled rests on the nervous conjecture of a possibly worse replacement. This rickety logic found some play before Nixon resigned, when most knew Ford would quickly pardon Tricky Dick, yet the inevitable resignation and pardon also aided Carter's election two years later. One does not seek justice by being an apologist — and preservationist — for the status quo.

In response to our slideshow of Cupid's Undie Run, a poster to our Facebook page named Anna F. Bozyk posted:

Oh, come on now. Nothing against the girls, but who ever thought this up, No.1: has no morals. It's sexist and not the kind of strong image Detroit needs. Makes Detroit look like another Sodom and Gomorrah. And No. 2: The health and well-being of the runners is not being considered. How many will be at the DMC being treated for frostbite? A run with a theme that allowed clothing appropriate for the weather would have been good enough.

That wasn't the only chiding we got in response to online content. In response to our blog post about last year's "naked cowboy on the freeway," Merri Busch posted:

Why are you digging up a man's psychiatric breakdown. WTF, Metro Times? You get giggles from Grandpa pooping his pants too? Why not candid shots of someone in a diabetic coma drooling?

And Jay Bird added:

Welp, it's been a great run, MT, but you officially jumped the shark, online anyway. Your constant chase of click-bait and reposts from your archives have convinced me you've ran out of shit to say. My eyes hunger for more content not repost. Your shitting up my feed ends here. Good luck with that.

Also, another poster added:

Listen. I got sent to the same rehab as him! He was cool. Don't judge ...