Check this short for an abandoned documentary on Michigan noise music

YouTube member Glass Reed (A. Bearse) uploaded this twenty minute short with bits from a documentary he or she spent years working on. Orginal footage was destroyed so the project was shelved. That's too bad, as this looks like it not only got some crucial words from some key players, but it seems to have a sense of humor, too. It has a great name: Maximum Volume Yields Maximum Results.
This was a project that I worked on while in school. It started as a short film that was going to be turned into a full length documentary on Detroit noise music. While I was working on this project, a flood destroyed all of my original footage and all of my equipment. Unfortunately, the project was abandoned soon afterward. Throughout the years, numerous people have approached me and asked what was the status of this documentary, and I’ve had to tell them how all of the footage had been lost or destroyed. During a recent move, I found an existing copy of the short. This is all that remains of what I had shot and the closest I’ll come to showing what could have been. For all the people who have been curious about this project, this is for you. Thank you for your interest. Please enjoy.