Weekly reader responses



Cal Garrison is the astrologist behind the immensely popular "Horoscopes" featured in Metro Times. Apparently, it's tough out there for the modern astrologer, who is expected to not only divine the cosmos but also look fabulous doing it. Reader "R.K." writes:

Dear Metro Times,

I read your horoscopes online every week and while I like them, the picture of the lady who writes them is very unappealing. I'm not saying she's not a pretty woman, I'm just saying I wish you would put a different picture of her on there. It's daunting, to be honest. First, what is she doing with her hand? And second, like I said, it's daunting. This is just my opinion and I hope you don't think rude of me but I read my horoscope every week and that picture is enough to stop me.

Au revoir, millennials!

In a blog post ("Michigan offers yet another reason for millennials to give it the kiss-off," Dec. 17), Michael Jackman summarized some of the policies and conditions that have caused Michigan to hemmorage millenials for years. Lots of readers chimed in:

Reader "Harry Palmer" writes:

Never thought I would find anything to agree with Leon Drolet with, but yeah. I've known this for years.

Millennials aren't interested in a lifestyle that includes sprawling bedroom communities in the outer 'burbs, everyone packing a concealed gun, and discrimination against minorities. This is what happens when your lawmakers are just doing the bidding of their corporate benefactors, instead of what their constituents are looking for.

Reader "nobsartist" writes:

Couldn't have said it better, myself. I moved to MI from the south in the 90s in the hope of getting away from ignorant rednecks only to discover my mom's home state is just as stodgy, narrow-minded, and backward as Klantucky.

Reader "truth hurst" writes:

Wait — you mean that young people don't want to make 9-11 bucks an hour working 50-60 hours a week with a degree in Michigan that a boomer does for 35-40k a year at 40 hours a week?

Kids are so lazy these days! If only they had a golden economy that their parents built for them that they could destroy, they could make more and work less!

Why would anyone want to leave that?


Reader "ruinporn" writes:

The author missed the biggest reason why millennials are leaving the state — jobs. There was a survey that asked people who left Michigan why they left, and lack of employment opportunities was the biggest reason. A lot of them even stated that they would have stayed or consider coming back if the job climate (more opportunities, better salaries) was better. Why else are educated people flocking to southern states (e.g., Texas, North Carolina) that have more conservative laws than we do here? Living in a state with socially liberal policies and/or better climate is nice, but it doesn't matter if you can't make a decent living after spending tens of thousands of dollars for college.

Kash Doll kritics

Our cover girl for our Dec. 16-23 issue was Kash Doll, the exotic dancer-turned-rapper who could blow be poised to blow up in 2016. Some readers were less than impressed, however.

Myla Strange-Nixon writes:

She seriously sounds like the couple fighting in the line up at McDonald's.

Rob Seale writes:

She's no T-Baby.