Burn Rubber Detroit collaborates with Puma for a shoe dedicated to Michigan Central Station

A couple years ago Rick Williams and Roland "Ro Spit" Coit got some media attention for both their sneaker collaboration with Reebok as well as their Eminem-produced web series, Detroit Rubber

The light blue "Spirit of Detroit" sneakers seemed to catapult things for the business partners and since then, they've collaborated with other international brands, namely Nike. 

Out of their Royal Oak sneaker boutique, Burn Rubber, the pair will soon be releasing another collaboration, this time with Puma. According to Coit, the special edition Stepper was inspired by Detroit's iconic abandoned train station. 

“Photos of the train station are usually used in the media in a negative way to condemn Detroit. This building has been through it all, and is still standing tall with hopes of one day restoring it back to its glory. After all this time, it’s still standing. It’s an eyesore to some people, but it’s beautiful to others,” says Coit. 

The gray sneakers get their hue from the building's stone-colored structure and a green stripe represents the landscape that surrounds it. A Burn Rubber logo adorns the heal of the shoe. 

The $140 sneakers will go on sale at Burn Rubber on Saturday, October 31 and will see a national release on Friday, November 13.