My dog survived nearly four years after a vet said he would die. I believe cannabis kept him alive.

click to enlarge Kai was a very good boy. - Larry Gabriel
Larry Gabriel
Kai was a very good boy.

The story of my dog Kai has come to an end, almost four years after a doctor told me he would die in two or three months from cancer. When I heard that Rick Simpson Oil, a medication derived from cannabis, could work wonders for cancer treatment, I started giving it to Kai daily. I believe that's what postponed his death.

Kai's hips were getting bad as winter came on this year, but he was still pretty much the same as he's been the past few years. Then one day last week he slipped and fell on the stairs coming from the yard. The next morning his hip, leg, and foot were swollen. He couldn't walk and refused to eat or drink. After a couple of days of that we knew it was time for him to be put down.

So far it seems strange around the house without him. When cooking I expect him to show up in the kitchen in anticipation of a snack; when seeing a shadow I think he's laying there.

Farewell, Kai. I hope you're somewhere chasing squirrels.

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