Is this the best-named mixtape of the year? Captwolf's 'Liquor Store Pizza Party At My Crib'

This week we got an email from the "emerging, Detroit native, hip-hop collective that goes by Captwolf," for a mixtape with the beautiful title of Liquor Store Pizza Party At My Crib. It was released three days ago, August 18th, 2015, to Soundcloud, Spotify, and maybe some other places. The above link is to Soundcloud, because anone can go to that page and press "play," unlike with Spotify, which needs you to sign in and all that stuff.
The press release says the following. We're pretty sure that the numbers in brackets there indicate that these musicians are each 19 years-old. And, in case it's not clear, we love getting submissions like this — straight up, and direct from young musicians in the Detroit metropolitan area, with no one else in the middle. Sincere communication from young artists who are trying to get themselves heard? That's beautiful. 

The creation of Liquor Store Pizza Party At My Crib was intended to share a new perspective and sound for Detroit music with all of the production, mixing, and mastering handled by swoozydolphin (19). The tape covers a variety of topics, from love songs to eulogies for dead cars with Groovy Armani (19) handling much of the melodic content and Young Sui (19) taking care of some of the hardest bars. The tape also features the other members of the Captwolf collective supporting for features and skits. All together, LSPPMC is an end of the summer tape by a group of young men trying to expand the city's sonic palette.