Revolver Co-Founder Tunde Wey Tangles With Immigration: NPR

Revolver Co-Founder Tunde Wey Tangles With Immigration: NPR
You may remember Tunde Wey, the sometimes controversial chef who helped give us Revolver in Hamtramck and his Nigerian barbecue pop-up Lagos. Well, for the past several months, he's been traveling the U.S., sharing dishes from his homeland and living out his own version of the American dream, even as his fragile immigration status threatens to destroy it.

So says a Morning Edition story that ran today, in which NPR reporter Eliza Barclay tracked Wey on this cross-country trek, which led him to a chance near-meeting with celebrity chef Roy Choi in Los Angeles. That encounter never took place though when Wey's trip came to an abrupt stop in El Paso, where a border patrol agent found he had an expired student visa.

"I had this uncontrollable chill, I was so cold. And there was so much adrenaline rushing through my body," Wey tells NPR of his confrontation with the agent. Despite the run-in with the immigration system, Wey is still doing his thing and recently opened a Nigerian food stall in the St. Roch Market in New Orleans while he's free on bail.

Listen more as Wey talks about his road trip and how his family back home inspires his cooking: