Zazz! is so much more than a place to fill up

Zazz! is so much more than a place to fill up. Generally, we behind the desk of the Retail Detail department are known for highlighting Detroit-based lifestyle boutiques, suburban vintage shops, local hat makers, and even, at times, a party store or two. But rarely do we venture into the land of gas stations. In fact, it's safe to say we've never profiled one before.

But St. Clair Shores' Zazz! caught our eye for a couple reasons. Perhaps the most intriguing is their impressive selection of glass. A clear case stretches from the door to the register filled with colorful pipes of all shapes and sizes. No need to head all the way to the head shop, just pop in after filling up the tank.

Of course, you can get all the requisite gas station staples here too. Beer, wine, snacks, soft drinks, air fresheners, and car phone chargers are par for the course at any well-equipped convenience store. But, if you happen to also need a two-sided beer bong, well, you can grab that while you're picking up a pack of gum.

Need a new lighter? Zazz! has a fine selection of Zippo's on display. They also have plenty of incense sticks to ignite with your new favorite lighter. Basically, this place has everything you need to set up the pad you lived in during your second year of college when life was swell and you drank nothing but King Cobra.

Oh, and you can get King Cobra here too!

Other amenities include touchpad cases, cowboy hats, American flags, candles, and sunglasses. Check behind the counter for hunting knives.

For the more sophisticated customer, Zazz! also has an impressively sized humidor. Step inside and select your favorite stogie before hitting the road and don't forget to check out their selection of accessories while you're at it.